Kitchen Tap Spray Head 360°Swivel Tap Extender with Filter and 3 Spray Modes, Room Aluminium Tap Attachment Swivelling, High Pressure Water Saver for Tap.


Kitchen Tap Spray Head 360°Swivel Tap Extender with Filter and 3 Spray Modes, Room Aluminium Tap Attachment Swivelling, High Pressure Water Saver for Tap. 

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Weight: 85gm

Volumetric Weight : 100gm

Package Dimension : 9*5*5 cm

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Kitchen & Bath Fixtures | Showers | Home & Kitchen | Kitchen Sink Aerators | Aerators 

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Faucet | Water Geyser | Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings | Shower Heads | Faucets

Material: ABS Steel/Rubber

Package Included : 1 x Faucet

Bullet Point:

  • 3 spray functions swivel tap attachment: the tap attachment has 3 water flow modes: 1 x pulse, 1 x pulse + shower, 1 x shower. The spray functions are selected by turning the silicone part. The tap attachment has a high water pressure and flexibility to deliver the water where you want it.
  • The main body of the rotating tap attachment is made of aluminium, which is coated for durability and effectively resists daily rust and tarnishing. The perforated panel increases water pressure, making cleaning easy and functional. Water saves up to 30%-70% compared to standard sink taps.
  • The tap attachment comes with a filter system inside. Our kitchen tap attachment removes chlorine, chloramine, reduces fluoride and softens hard water by filtering up to 99.9% of lead, calcium, rust, iron, heavy metals and sediments that help take care of your health and your family.
  • The rotating tap adapter can be swivelled 360 degrees and 75 degrees up and down, so that the water flow can reach any corner of the bathroom or kitchen sink, with 3 different water flow modes that make cleaning convenient.
  • You do not need additional tools. Adjust the water supply and remove the old aerator from the tap, then attach the new tap attachment firmly to your tap. If you notice a leak, you can repair it with the included Teflon tape.

The 360 degree rotating connection water tap attachment kitchen enlarges the cleaning area and is easy to clean.

Switch 3 spray modes faucet extender by rotating the black silicone sleeve part, easy to switch, it help you easily to clean multiple angles of the sink.

Normal Kitchen Spray Tap - Single Waterline (Normal Mode)
Soft stream mode is used regularly for cleaning dishes,vegetable, fruit, cooking.The fashional and pratical kitchen tap adapter can be a better replacement of the original faucet.

Strong Tap Aerator (Pulse Mode)
Compared to the normal the faucet extender, this kitchen tap extension is not only a water-saving sink faucet sprayer, but also it's a booster water faucet,mostly for cleaning stain residue of the cup,plates and pots.

Gentle Shower Water-saving Spray Head (Mixed Modes)
This rotatable multi-functional extension faucet comes with mixed shower design,it help clean the vegetable leaves and fruit or clean the whole kitchen sink or plate completely.



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