Stainless Steel Finger Protector Guard Vegetable Chopping Hand Guard Slice Home and Kitchen Tools (Pack Of 1).


Stainless Steel Finger Protector Guard Vegetable Chopping Hand Guard Slice Home and Kitchen Tools (Pack Of 1).

HSN: 39269099

Weight : 17

Volumetric Weight : 21

Package Dimension : 7*5*3 cm

Amazon Category: Kitchen Knives | Kitchen Cutters 

Flipkart Category: Choppers & Slicers | Knives, Choppers & Cutters

Material : Stainless Steel

Bullet Points:

  • Stainless Steel Finger Guard Protector Cutter Makes It Easy, Fast And Protects Your Finger While Cutting Fruits And Vegetables Etc.
  • Protect your fingers from the hurt of sharp tools when chopping vegetables, fruits, and meat. Prepare food safely with the finger guard. It comes with adjustable finger sleeve design, which is suitable for most fingers except super big finger and child small finger.
  • It is very small and light. You don't feel any weight on your hands, and it is very easy to use and suitable for long-term use.
  • The finger guard is made of stainless steel with a smooth edge, which is rust-proof, durable and anti-corrosion.
  • Very smooth curves and very comfortable- Can Be used for cook housewife Chef kitchen worker, making cooking more fun and convenient.

Stylish & comfortable: Our finger guard has been designed with smooth curves so it is comfortable to use.

Stainless Steel Finger Guard Protector: Do not fear your quick knife skills when you have the safety of our Finger Guard.

Creative tools: These premium finger guard don't require any special maintenance and can simply be rinsed after use to be enjoyed every day, or you can put them in your dishwasher in the cutlery holder.

Finger Protector Safe Chopping Hand Guard: Stainless Steel Finger Guard Protector Cutter makes it easy, fast and protects your finger while cutting fruits and vegetables etc.

This finger guard wears on to the middle finger, leaving fingers protected, but still free to manipulate the food. The finger protector is keeping the food still a perfect slice, so your fingers will never interfere. The tip of the shield holds the food that has to be sliced. 

Now chopping of vegetables and fruits have become more easier and faster with the finger cutter protector. It becomes easy to use it by placing your finger into the back side of the finger protector which gives you protection to all your fingers.



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