Waterproof Leak Filler Spray Rubber Flexx Repair & Sealant - Point to Seal Cracks Holes Leaks Corrosion More for Indoor Or Outdoor Use Black Paint, Black Rubber Coating Spray 450 ml (Pack of 1)

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Title: <your brand>Waterproof Leak Filler Spray Rubber Flex Repair & Sealant - Point to Seal Cracks Holes Leaks Corrosion More for Indoor Or Outdoor Use Black Paint, Black Rubber Coating Spray 450 ml (Pack of 1)

HSN:3924 (GST 18%)

Weight : 463 gm

Volumetric Weight : 712 gm

Package Dimension : 27*12*11

Amazon Category: Leak Filler Spray  Repair Sealant Spray

Flipkart Category: Spray PaintsSprays 

Color: Black

Material : Rubber

Bullet Points:
  • Seal leaks anywhere : Seal even the toughest leaks. Deeps into cracks and holes. Dries to a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating. Stays flexible and pliable; lasts many years. It is ideal for a variety of roof surfaces including shingles, metal roofs, chimneys, skylights, gutters, pipes, and many other surfaces.
  • Stop leaks fast : Transform and protect virtually everything! Ideal for arts & crafts, projects & hobbies. Spray a patch and repair sealant that dries white. It allows for quick repairs across a variety of surfaces.
  • Paintable : Will not sag or drip in the Summer heat. Will not crack or peel in the Winter cold. Surfaces applied will give you a clear coating to paint over. Dries to a semi-smooth firm finish. Can be top-coated with latex or alkyd based paints.
  • Withstand a range of temperatures : Can be used on dry or wet surfaces. Protects surface from corrosion, can be used on wet or dry surfaces.
  • Wall waterproofing leakage spray.


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Easy to use rubberized coating :
Seeps into cracks and dries quickly! We know that you love your homes, offices and commercial spaces and you want to make sure that they remain clean, tidy and secure. Our Sealant Spray.

Designed for easy usage without unnecessary hassle : 
Maintaining your home and office takes time. Fix the leaks fast with our spray! Just point and spray to make basic repairs on wood, asphalt roofing, metal and other masonry surfaces.

Get your roofs, metals, and other surfaces repaired quickly : 
The new advanced leak repair material used in this sealant spray has the latest formula for repairing metals, roofs and other surfaces swiftly.

Leak repair solution :
The spray is designed to offer the best leak repair solution. It provides and instantly water-tight leak repair that lasts for a long time.

Multiple preventions :
This rubber coating spray is provided to give multiple preventions. The spray prevents rust, moisture penetration and corrosion.


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