Professional Salon Hair Clippers for Men, Professional Hair Trimmer Set with Adjustable Blade, Electric Hair Clippers with 4 Combs for Men Women Barber Grooming (Multi)

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Title: <your brand> Professional Salon Hair Clippers for Men, Professional Hair Trimmer Set with Adjustable Blade, Electric Hair Clippers with 4 Combs for Men Women Barber Grooming (Multi) 

HSN:3924 (GST 18%)

Weight : 454 gm

Volumetric Weight : 998 gm

Package Dimension : 31*23*7

Amazon Category:  Hair Cutting Kits | Hair Clippers & Accessories  

Flipkart Category: ShaversTrimmers

Color: Black + Silver

Voltage : 12W

Accessories :  4 attachment combs
               1 Blade protector
              1 Cleaning brush
        1 Comb          
1 Scissor
                                                                            1 Oil


Bullet Points:

  • Low noise and comfortable design. 
  • The high-precision steel micro T-outliner makes perfect cutting without damaging trapped hair and skin surfaces.
  • An easy-to-clean versatile shaver that can be used to quickly shave beards, hair and tentacles. After trimming, the waterproof blade can be washed under the faucet, which is very convenient and fast.
  • Multipurpose Haircut Trimmer - The right trimmer will help you style your hair, beard and body hair into any desired look. This hair trimmer is the ultimate style for men for a hassle free grooming experience at home or on the go.
  • Hair trimmer is the perfect tool for all facial hair styles: hair clipper, beard trimmer for mustache, sideburns, goat, oil heads, stubble, other facial and body hair.


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Before starting the hair cut:
Inspect the clipper, making sure that it is free of c between the cutting blade teeth and turn the unit on to distribute the oil and to make sure it is running smoothly. Wipe off any excess oil. This should be done after each use .While using the unit, untwist the cord form time to time to avoid tangling.
Seat the person so their head is approximately at your eye level. This allows ease of visibility while cutting and a relaxed control of the unit.Before cutting always first comb the hair so it is tangle free and as it is naturally worn.
Place a towel around the neck and shoulders of the person having the haircut.

Beginning the haircut :
Cutting hair requires practice so it is always better to leave the hair longer for the first few haircuts until you become used to the length to which ease comb attachment cuts the hair.

Attachment comb :
Attachment Comb #1 leaves 3mm (1/8 inch) hair length.
Attachment Comb #2 leaves 6mm (1/4 inch) hair length.
Attachment Comb #3 leaves 9mm (3/8 inch) hair length.
Attachment Comb #4 leaves 12mm (1/2 inch) hair length. 
Each comb attachment is marked accordingly on its outside middle surface.
To attach a comb, hold it with its teeth upeard and slide it noto and along the clipper blade until the front of the comb firmly seats against the clipper blade.
To remove the comb, simply pull the comb upward and away form the clipper blade.
For even cutting, allow the comb attachment/cutter to cut its way through the hair. Do not force it through prickly. Also remember to comb the hair frequently to remove trimmed hair and to check for uneven strands.


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