Pull Reducer Training Bands 4 Tubes Body Trimmer Pedal Exerciser Yoga CrossFit Exercise, Arm Exercise, Tummy Body Building Training Men and Women (multicolor)

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Title: <your brand>Pull Reducer Training Bands 4 Tubes Body Trimmer Pedal Exerciser Yoga CrossFit Exercise, Arm Exercise, Tummy Body Building Training Men and Women (multicolor)

HSN:3924 (GST 18%)

Weigh: 200 gm

Volumetric Weight : 998 gm

Package Dimension : 31*23*7

Amazon Category: Exercise & Fitness Waist Trimmers | Toning Belts | Core & Abdominal Trainers 

Flipkart Category: Ab Exercisers | Resistance Tubes

Color: Multi

Material Rubber + Plastic

Bullet Points:

  • This Unique Product Can Tone Your Back Muscles, Reduce Belly Fat, Improve Blood Circulation And Also Improves Your Body Posture. Waist Reducer Reduces Your Waist And Strengthens Abdominal And Lower Back Muscles.
  • This Rubber Pull String Will Help You Get In Better Shape Without The Need For A Gym Membership Or The Risk Of Lifting Heavy Weights.
  • Highly Elastic Body Ideal For Slimming & Strengthening Stomach, Waist And Legs, Perfect For Body-Building And Fitness Training.
  • Easy To Use And Carry Makes It Portable, It is Combination Of Latex Tubing, Rigid Foam, Rubber Foam.
  • Comfort Grips Allow You To Workout Longer. Portable, Safe And Durable.


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<p>Say Goodbye to those extra calories, flabby muscles and high girth size. Now you can get a trimmer body, toned muscles and a healthier you with Waist Reducer.</p>
<p>Foot Rally keyed force with high elasticity made of special materials, its proper use mainly based on a combination of pedal and chain. The chest can better and more comprehensive exercise muscles, particularly helpful exercise waist. Moderate exercise intensity, while effectively avoiding the bombs hurt themselves and others, to make your body look fit. Its charming appearance and dazzling colors will become the new generation of fitness equipment favorite. They are non-toxic with safety and environmental protection. Provides safeguarding due to climate change or excessive heat, moisture, slippage and very comfortable.</p>


<li>Pull Reducer for men and women 

<li>Body shaping

<li>Premium Quality

<li>Easy to Carry Out

<li>Do Exercise Anytime Anywhere

<li>Shape Your Body Effectively

<li>High Quality strong and durable elastic springs made especially

<li>Reduce your belly fat

<li>Easy to use


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