5 Meters Windproof Anti-Slip Clothes Washing Line Drying Nylon Rope with Hooks (multicolor)

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Title: <your brand> 5 Meters Windproof Anti-Slip Clothes Washing Line Drying Nylon Rope with Hooks (multicolor)

HSN:3924 (GST 18%)

Weigh: 37 gm

Volumetric Weight : 89 gm

Package Dimension : 16*14*2

Amazon Category:   Clotheslines | Home & Kitchen

Flipkart Category: Home Improvement | Home Utilities and Organizers

Color: Multi

Material : Nylon + stainless steel

Bullet Points:

  • Flexible Clothes Line with Fence-Like Design Dries Your Clothes Faster and Quickly.
  • Windproof and Anti-Slip Features Prevents Clothes from Blowing or Falling Off.
  • Two Hooks to Fasten to Rods, Bars or Around Trees While Camping or Traveling.
  • Made of Durable Nylon Which Supports The Weight of Hangers and Clothes.
  • Length: 5m. Package Contains 1 Pc Nylon Clothes Line 5m. 


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<p>Make your clothes dry fast and quickly with this Nylon Clothes Line. It is flexible laundry line which conveniently dries your hand washed clothes, innerwear, socks and other clothes.</p>
<p>With two hooks you can easily fasten it on rods, bars or around trees, if you are travelling outdoors and camping</p>
<p>With fence-like structure, you can dry clothes with hangers. It has windproof and anti-slip features, which prevents clothes from blowing off or falling down.</p>
<p>You can space-out and make appropriate gaps between your clothes so that they dry off quickly and are not crowded together.</p>
<p>Its length can be adjusted and also prevents knotting and twisting, which comes in handy when you are outdoors, camping or on long travel and tours.</p>


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