Baby Proofing Corner Guards I Pre-Taped Corner Protectors I Child Safety Edge Guards I 10 Pieces Brown

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Title: <your brand> Baby Proofing Corner Guards I Pre-Taped Corner Protectors I Child Safety Edge Guards I 10 Pieces Brown

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Color :U Shape Brown

Weight: 54 gm

Volumetric Weight : 998 gm

Package Dimension : 31*23*7

Amazon Category: Decorations | Home Furnishing 

Flipkart Category: Baby care | Baby Proofing

Bullet Points:

  • SAFE CORNERS: soft and high-density foam cushions protect babies and seniors from injuries from sharp edges and corners of walls and furniture.
  • EASY INSTALL - Corner protectors come with pre-applied adhesive 3M tape which can be simply peeled and installed in less than a minute.
  • INDUSTRY STANDARD PREMIUM 3M TAPE: The pack includes industry standard 3M Tape which is built to be strong even in the toughest conditions, is easy-to-peel and provides secure adhesion.
  • SAFETY CERTIFIED: corner cushions uses the safest and purest raw materials made from NON-TOXIC, ECO-FRIENDLY CHILD SAFE rubber.
  • RELIABILITY : edge protectors won't damage furniture and are easy to remove.


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<b>Baby proof your home</b>
<p>Childproof your home and say goodbye to worries and anxiety you feel when babies and toddlers start moving around the home. This baby safety edge guards provides perfect piece of mind as your babies start to discover their new world.</p>
<b>Secure Adhesion</b>
<p>The Premium 3M tape provides strongest adhesion compared to other regular tapes. We provide you 10 corner protectors already have had the tape attached to save you time.</p>
<b>Suggested Use</b>
<p>You can use this corner bumpers as table corner protectors, wall corner protectors or for protection from desks, center tables, coffee tables, chests, nightstands, bed frames & Corners, Cupboards, shelves, cabinets, very sharp edges and corners.</p>
<b>Package Contents:</b>
<p>10 Corner Protectors with PRE-ATTACHED Tape</p>
<b>Installation steps:</b>
<li>Clean the corner surface to make sure it is dry and has no dust.
<li>Simply remove the pre taped sections and stick to any corner you want.  
<li>Press it firmly,  we recommend wait for at least 12 hours for higher viscosity of the 3M adhesive.


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