Windshield Cleaner Tool Inside Car Window Cleaning Tool with Extendable Handle, Microfiber Car Window Cleaner with 1 extra Reusable Microfiber Pads for Car Use.


Windshield Cleaner Tool Inside Car Window Cleaning Tool with Extendable Handle, Microfiber Car Window Cleaner with 1 extra Reusable Microfiber Pads for Car Use.

HSN: 96039000

Weight : 

Volumetric Weight : 429 gm

Package Dimension : 34*14*4.5

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Color: Grey


Bullet Points:

  • Package include: Come with 1 piece car window cleaners, 1 piece reusable microfiber pads in grey colors you can also share them with others in daily life.
  • Extendable handle: The windshield cleaner with the long extendable handle and pivoting head easily reached into the driver and passenger side corner and other angles, The twist lock on the handle is tight and it stays extended all the way.
  • Flexible rotating head: the windshield cleaning tool is designed with head of car cleaning wand can be rotated 180 degrees to fit the glass curved surface very well, removing dirt and dust from car windshields or glass, saving your more effort.
  • Reliable material: the car window cleaner with handle is made of aluminium alloy, ABS plastic and PP plastic material, sturdy and reliable, not easy to break and deform, and comes with washable reusable cover cloths that are made of quality microfiber material, can easily attract, fix and lift dirt and dust from the windshield surface of the car, practical microfibers only need water to effectively clean the surface and interior of the car body.
  • Multiple applications: Works well as a fog and moisture removal tool. Use the cleaning brush set in your car, hard to reach windows in your house, television, glass screens, glass mirrors, and even floors. Good for all size cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs.

Great for cleaning windshield Get your windshield sparkling clean inside and out. Made out of the Highest Quality Aluminum and Plastic combined for best durability.

Includes 6 washable, absorbent Microfiber Bonnets that fit securely on the head. With Specially designed with a ABS anti-skid Texture and Molded Ergonomic Shaped Handle for ultimate comfort.

The surface of microfiber bonnet fabric is finely treated which can efficiently clean your vehicle well and won't leave streaking after cleaning.

There is a built-in 50ML spray bottle to help you clean the glass. Durable, just clean and reuse. The cloth can be removed and cleaned. 

The rod is Extendable and Locks Securely, for effortless cleaning. You can adjust the length from 11 inches to 17 inches so you can reach the top and end of the windows easily. Pivoting Flexible Head That Swivels and Rotates 180 degrees you will be able to clean the hard to reach corners with ease.

Suitable for cleaning car window inside and outside, truck, SUV and RV, you can use this clean brush to clean your window, television, glass screen, glass mirror and even floors, a necessary tool for your car care.


 portable folding mop wall front glass 360 degree with car window cleaner wiper windshield


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