Garden Hose Nozzle, Connected Quickly Quick Connector ABS Arbitrarily Extend Durable for Outdoor Car Washing for Extend The Length


Garden Hose Nozzle, Connected Quickly Quick Connector ABS Arbitrarily Extend Durable for Outdoor Car Washing for Extend The Length 


Weight : 105 gm

Volumetric Weight : 490 gm

Package Dimension : 23x13x8 cm

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Watering Equipments

Material: Plastic

Bullet Points:
  • easy installation Easy to install, it can be installed quickly to supply water in just a few seconds.
  • Extend the length of the water pipe The hose can be connected quickly and arbitrarily to extend the length of the water pipe.
  • 2 spray modes 2 modes of centralized spraying and fine spraying can be switched to meet the needs of use.
  • High-quality materials High‑quality ABS material, sturdy and durable to use, with perfect leakproof effect.
  • Broad applicability Widely used in garden irrigation, outdoor car washing, outdoor cleaning, pet bathing, etc.


Water Spray Gun for Car Wash Bike Washing Spray Gun for 1/2" Hose Pipe High Pressure Water Gun Nozzle Adjustable Car Washer Gun Jet Spray

Used to improve the efficiency of your watering and cleaning tasks
Are you still worried about cramps caused by squeezing the nozzle when watering? Now you can control the gun with your thumb and change it easily with one hand. You can even water your patio while rolling your phone.

Are you still worried that the water pressure at home is weak and cannot complete the watering work, the nozzle provides you with high water pressure. Twist it further from Fine Mist mode and it will generate enough pressure to flush the floor and your car. The high-pressure nozzle lets you say goodbye to repeated flushing.

A water spray gun is a device that attaches to the end of a garden hose and controls the flow and direction of the water. It has a variety of spray patterns, such as mist, jet, and shower, which can be adjusted by twisting the nozzle head.

Leakproof & easy install:
This high pressure water gun nozzle is fitted with ring seals at the back and front for a watertight connection that prevent any leaks. Water spray gun for car wash is easy to install, easy to disassemble. Just insert the ½ inch pipe at the back. Fits for hose directly. Takes less than a minute to attach spray nozzle to 1/2" pipe.

Easy to use:
The No Squeeze, easy flow control allows for effortless use. Easily twist the nozzle head to turn it on and off or to control the water flow and patterns. Water gun for car washing doesn’t require you to hold down a handle for water to flow or fumble with flimsy stops to set a flow rate. With this spray water gun , simply turn the nozzle head to your desired water flow and it stays constant without anymore effort on your part.


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