Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller, Silent Repellent Plug In Indoor Control, Insect Mosquito Killer Machine, For House, Office, Hotel

Title: <your brand name> Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller, Silent Electronic Pest Repellent Plug in Indoor Pest Control, Insect Mosquito Killer Machine, Mosquito Repellent for House, Office, Hotel 

HSN: 8516

Weight : 80 gm

Volumetric Weight : 240 gm

Package Dimension : 23x13x8 cm

Amazon Category:   Indoor Ultrasonic Insect & Pest Repellers

Flipkart Category:  Mosquito Killers


Bullet Points:

  •  100% SAFE FOR KIDS AND PETS, PROTECT YOUR FAMILY IN A HEALTHY AND PEAFUL WAY - SROKER pest repellents is 100% safer than traditional mosquito repellents.
  • 360°PROECT YOUR HOME WITH NO DEAD ZONE - The effective coverage of each pest control is up to 1600 square feet.
  • NO RISK PURCHASE - The typical results can take 1-2 weeks depending on the severity of the pest infestation. Mostly can see the electronic pest repeller results within 3-4 weeks!
  • Drive Pests Away Effectively: This electronic pest repeller uses ultrasound to irritate the pest's brain and auditory nervous systems, effectively repelling most types of pests
  • Hassle-free Operation: Simply plug the pest control devices into outlets, and they will start working when the blue night light comes on. No maintenance is required, and they work 24/7 


All the pests in your home are running around due to extreme discomfort, which may cause you to see more pests. Don't worry, this is a precursor to their departure from your home.

Week 2

The nervous system of most pests is damaged, and they have to choose to escape. You will find that many pests have disappeared from your home.

Week 3-4

large pests like mice have suffered sufficient damage and stimulation, and after that, no pests can be seen in the home.



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