Round Ice Cube Tray 33 Grid Mini Circle Making Sphere Ball Mold for Freezer Chilling Cocktail Whiskey Reusable Flexible Trays (Multicolor)

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Title: <you brand>Round Ice Cube Tray 33 Grid Mini Circle Making Sphere Ball Mold for Freezer Chilling Cocktail Whiskey Reusable Flexible Trays (Multicolor)

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  • Makes 33 Cavity Looking Ice Balls At A Time And Releases Easily From The Silicone Ice Tray Without Cracking Microwave And Dishwasher Safe - Makes It Easy To Clean And Reusable.
  • INCREDIBLY EASY TO REMOVE ICE BALLS - After Taking The Ice Ball Maker Out Of The Freezer, If You Allow It To Sit For 1 Minute The Condensation Makes The Ice Balls Incredibly Easy To Remove.
  • USER FRIENDLY DESIGN: Simply rinse the circle ice cube mold under watertap and fill water in. No need to pour water in one hole after another. Freeze for 8 hrs, you can get 33 pcs sphere ice balls.
  • Strong Silicone Construction Makes Perfect, Slow Melting And Elegant Looking Ice That Can Easily Be Removed From The Ice Mold Tray
  • BECOME THE COOLEST HOST - Bigger Ice Ball Capacity Tray Creates Slow Melting Ice Spheres That Are Perfect For Classic Cocktails, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Water, And Even Coffee. Freezes Pretty Much Anything Including Ice, Jelly, Chocolate Or Even Soap. Our Premium And Protected Packaging Makes The Bar Ice Ball Mold The Perfect Gift.
  • 【Multiple Uses】:ice cubes are suitable for whiskey, cocktails, smoothies, juices or baby food. You can also put fruits, jelly, baby food, coffee, vegetable puree, yogurt and chocolate into molds to make the ice cubes you want.


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Ice Cube(Ball) Maker Trays
The ice cube mold is made of food grade plastic and BPA free, which suits for family, children and adult.
Two ice cube trays can make 66 pieces ice balls at one time, which can satisfy your and your family ice needs duiring one day.
Suitable for whiskey, cocktail, beer, cordial, lemonade, coffee, tea, juice.
Safe to use. You can rest assured to place this ice cube trays in freezers. The ice cube is necessary in bar, resstaurant, homemade.

Simple to Use
1. Fill 380ml water into the base of the tray.
2. Press the lid to push out extra water through the mini hole.
3. Freeze for 4-6hours in the fridge and you will get perfect ice balls.
4. Open the lid and twist slight to remove the ice balls.

Ice Cube Tray 33 Grid Mini Circle Making Sphere Ball Mold for Freezer Chilling Cocktail Whiskey Reusable Flexible Trays

Simple to Use: The circular ice cube mould comprises of a cover with tiny holes and a single tray. Simply pour 380ml or so of liquid into the tray at a time, then secure the lip. You may then get 33 pieces of sphere-shaped ice balls by placing the mould in the freezer for 4 hours. Two trays may produce 66 balls at once.

Easy to Release: Because these ice cube trays are composed of hard plastic, they are simpler to remove from the mould than plastic ice cubes. Open the lid and slightly twist the tray to release the ice after removing the mould from the freezer.

Nice Shape: Every circle ice ball may be made regular and complete thanks to the special design of our round ice cubes.

Our ice cube moulds are constructed of high-grade, food-grade materials, which has been approved. No scent, no toxins, and no BPA. durable and secure.

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