4 Pcs Spinning Rolling Pen Ballpoint Pen Rolling Finger | Non Slip Coated Spinning Pen with Weighted for Playing Student (Pack of 4)

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Title: <you brand> 4 Pcs Spinning Rolling Pen Ballpoint Pen Rolling Finger | Non Slip Coated Spinning Pen with Weighted for Playing Student (Pack of 4)

HSN:3924 (GST 18%)

Weight : 245 gm

Volumetric Weight : 249 gm

Package Dimension : 20*8*5 cm

Amazon Category:  Stick Ballpoint Pens | Rollerball PensTechnical PensPen Sets

Flipkart Category: Ball Pens

Color: Multicolor

Material : Silicon, Plastic

Bullet Points:
  • REVOLVING PEN SET : This set includes 4 spinning, rotating pens in various patterns. Each pen includes a weighted ball and writable refill for an improved writing experience. There is plenty of a supply for everyday usage, replacement, or sharing with friends.
  • WRITEABLE AND REFILLABLE : These rolling finger pens contain an internal refill that can be used to write smoothly much like a regular gel pen. To use, you only need to disconnect one end of the pen cap. Refills may be changed and reused without requiring more refills. 
  • IN-GENIOUS DESIGN : Metal ball weights are attached to both ends of the pen body to help preserve flexibility and balance. The pen body features a unique pattern design and a non-slip coating. The soft silicone pen cover can boost longevity and prevent breakage.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL : Made of silicone, aluminium, and ABS plastic elements. 19 cm/7.5 inches in length. 20 grammes is roughly how much. Long-term usage may be made more pleasant by choosing the right length and weight.
  • FUNCTIONAL TOOL : A spinning revolving pen may assist you relieve stress from work and daily life by stretching your fingers' flexibility. They may also be given as gifts at any time to coworkers, classmates,  etc. 
  • BROAD USAGE: In addition to strengthening the hands, eyes, and cerebellum, regular use of these spinner pens can enhance learning, memory, and attention. It can also be used to reduce stress from work and daily life.


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  • Both pros and beginners can create the wow thanks to professional non-slip coating.
  • The pen's weight, balance, and stability are greatly improved by the presence of solid, heavy metal balls and a unique buffer spring on each of its two sides. Leaks are avoided by the internal design of the ball pen core.
  • Both sides of the gum are elastic and soft, which helps prevent the instep from dropping and fracturing.
  • Your fingers will be more dexterous and intelligent with this spinning pen. Consider it more than just a toy! True to form, it writes using a ballpoint pen3.

  • Both suited for experts and novices. 
  • Firm, hefty metal balls and a special buffer spring on each of the pen's two sides significantly boost its weight, balance, and stability. 
  • The ball pen core's interior structure prevents leaks. 
  • The elastic soft gum on both sides helps stop the instep from dropping and breaking. 
  • With this spinning pen, your fingers will be more flexible and intelligent. 
  • Don't think of it as a simple toy.
  • It truly writes just like any other ballpoint pen.


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