Hanging Jacket Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes, Space Saver Bags for Suits, Dress, Coats or Jackets, Cardigan Vacuum Sealed Clothing Bags for Closet Organizer and Storage, Reusable, Vacuum Bag for Home & Travel

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Title: <your brand>Hanging Jacket Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes, Space Saver Bags for Suits, Dress, Coats or Jackets, Cardigan Vacuum Sealed Clothing Bags for Closet Organizer and Storage, Reusable, Vacuum  Bag for Home & Travel

HSN:3924 (GST 18%)

Weight : 146 gm

Volumetric Weight : 370 gm

Package Dimension : 28*22*3

Amazon Category: Vacuum BagSpace Saver Bag 

Flipkart Category: Storage Vacuum Bags Home Utilities and Organizers

Material : Plastic

Bullet Points:

  • INCREASE 80% STORAGE SPACE : No Folding Clothes Anymore, Just store clothes By Hanging to Avoid Causing Wrinkles! Creating 80% extra space effectively. Widen Square Shape design provides Larger Storing Capacity and Make Sealing Easier!
  • PROTECT YOUR ITEM : The compression bags are watertight and airtight, the durable material provides good toughness and puncture resistance. They will protect your clothes from moisture, dust and keeps them odor free for a long time.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL & GOOD PROTECTION : Rainbow Craft hanging vacuum storage bags are made of premium high-molecular PA/PE material. Durable and reusable. Protect your clothes from water, dust and odors.
  • Easy To Use : Hang the compression bag in closet. Add your clothes on the hanging rings. Close the zipper with the provided slider(IMPORTANCE). Place the hose of the vacuum over the valve and vacuum the air out. Close the caps to create an air-tight seal.
  • LOCKS EXTRA TIGHT: With the double zip seal and airtight valve, as well as being made from extra thick plastic, rest assured that there would be no entry of excess air into our vacuum bags and they will remain in the original compressed state.
  • AIRTIGHT BAGS NEVER LEAK : Durable Double Zip-Seal and One-way Suction Valve ensure airtight seal and keeps bags compressed for a long time.


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<Double Zip Seal :
Asymmetric design creates a secure seal and makes better protection of the Achilles heel. 

Professional Zipper Slider :
Professional zipper slider ensures bag is sealed properly

Triple Seal Turbo Valve :
The Anti-reflux groove with an upgraded gasket makes a great performance in the seal. There is also a cap for each valve to impact the gasket.

Designed for Travelers :
Our bags are perfect for maximizing luggage space so you can travel light

Reusable :
The space saver can be easily reused multiple times to store items in your wardrobe or for traveling.

Save More. Store More :
You can neatly arrange all your scattered clothes, pillows, or any heavy items in our vacuum storage and make room to store more items.

Never Worry About Space :
Vacuum Storage bags to store your clothes and other heavy items in a more organized way so that you save more space and time. Whether you are traveling or want to simply organize your house closet, this Space Saver vacuum storage bag is to your rescue. You can store as much as you want with a premium air-tight lock specially designed to not allow any air to re-enter.


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