Women's Leakproof Panties Absorbent Easy Clean High Waist Breathable Panties (Colour- Pink)

Title: <your brand> Women's Leakproof Panties Absorbent Easy Clean High Waist Breathable Panties (Colour- Pink)

HSN:3924 (GST 18%)

Weight : 26 gm

Volumetric Weight : 93 gm

Package Dimension : 18*13*2

Amazon Category: Women's Hipsters | Women's Briefs 

Flipkart Category: Women's Panties | Panties

Color: Pink

Material : Cotton 

Bullet Points:

  • Super soft & high elasticity : The panties are made of high-quality, super soft and breathable natural cotton. High-elastic full-coverage wrap, cares for the waist and abdomen, is not easy to be deformed or tight after repeated stretching, comfortable to wear all day.
  • Three layer & full range leak proof : The inner layer uses regenerated cellulose fiber, good moisture permeability and water resistance. Mid-to-high layer has elastic cotton and waterproof TPU coating. With widen and lengthen leak-proof area, make you comfortable and at ease.
  • High waist control tummy & hip lift : Three-dimensional bag hip design, high waist, abdomen and hip lift, fit the body curve. Comfortable wrapping without curling, upgraded side stitching, non-feeling, comfortable and non-stretching, and prevent jamming.
  • Best choice & perfect gift : Fully cover the area from the front to the back to prevent all kinds of side leakage. It is suitable for days with high menstrual flow, postpartum bleeding or urinary incontinence. Gift ideas for female friends/mothers/grandmothers.
  • Material : Cotton 


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<b>Healthy and Safe Material :</b>
<p>The underwear panties are made of high-quality, super soft and breathable natural Cotton. Delicate and soft, smooth and comfortable to drape, the ice muscle oxygen cloth makes the skin smooth and comfortable, exudes a refreshing breath from the inside out, 24 hours close companion to protect your health.</p>
<b>Three Layer Leakproof Production :</b>
<p>Three-layer leak-proof, the inner layer is easy to clean, the inner gear, the middle waterproof TPU coating, the outer layer of elastic cotton. Enlarge the front leak-proof area, invisible wings, widen the leak-proof area after the patch, so you are more comfortable and at ease, and avoid the occurrence of side, back and front leakage.</p>
<b>Perfect for Women :</b>
<p>It provides excellent protection for women and girls during menstruation, and performs well in areas such as excessive menstrual cycle flow, postpartum hemorrhage or urinary incontinence! If the pad/tampon overflows, the underwear can protect you from leakage. With worry-free underwear, you can now rest assured that there is no worry in day and night, work, meetings, school and social occasions. This is your best friend during menstrual discomfort.</p>


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