Magic Slate Magnetic Drawing Erasable Doodle Pad Board for Writing & Sketching, Fun Educational Learning Toys & Games for Boys & Girls

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Title: <your brand>Magic Slate Magnetic Drawing Erasable Doodle Pad Board for Writing & Sketching, Fun Educational Learning Toys & Games for Boys & Girls

HSN:3924 (GST 18%)

Weight : 525 gm

Volumetric Weight : 1100 gm

Package Dimension : 31*24*10

Amazon Category: Doodle & Scribbler Boards | Magic Kits & Accessories  

Flipkart Category: Doodle BoardsBaby Toys 

Color: Multi

Material : Plastic

Bullet Points:

  • Kids activity toys : Magic slates with magnetic stamps & magnetic pen for kids is a multipurpose toy and can be used for drawing, writing, sketching and can be played in many more ways as per your kids creativity & imagination.
  • Easy to draw and erase : This kid slates has a unique special screen that allows artists to draw clear and crisp images that make them more attractive. This doodle pad board will help kids to give space to the artist in them. Kids can easily erase and reuse the board.
  • Kids learning toy : This magic slate has pen attached to a piece of string which will avoid the risk of loosing the pen or misplacing it. The cute slider will act as an eraser which will help kids to erase the board with just one swipe. The large drawing board has 4 colorful geometric stamps which will help you to teach kids about colors & shapes.
  • Super-duper doodle : These doodle pad boards they are really fun and will keep kids busy for long hours and at the same time spark their creativity and imagination along with other skills. Your kids will be absolutely amazed that they can draw and sketch vivid colorful pictures over and over again
  • Early development toy : The kids drawing board helps children to exercise hand-eye coordination, perception ability and imagination ability.


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<b>Educational Toy for Kids :</b>
<li>An interactive approach to learning through exploration and promote your children's development, curiosity and creativity with connect game and painting game.
<b>Easy to draw and erase :</b>
<li>Magnetic doodle board features sliding eraser, allowing drawing to be quickly and easily erased.
<li>Simply pull the built-in smooth slider across the board to clear the surface.
<b>Mess-free Entertainment for Kids :</b>
<li>No more pigment, ink to stain your kid's clothes, face and no more mess.
<li>Satisfying the imagination of the kids' infinite painting.
<li>Development of brain and imagination.
<b>Easy to Carry :</b>
<li>Lightweight for easy use kids can play everywhere they go, even play it in the car or on the plane during the Journey.
<li>Small travel toys of portable size and comfortable handle for girls and boys.


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