2 Layer Bento Box for Kids and Adults, Sealed and Leak-Proof Lunch Box, Keep Foods Separated Food Storage Container, Food-Safe Materials (multicolor)

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Title: <your brand> 2 Layer Bento Box for Kids and Adults, Sealed and Leak-Proof Lunch Box, Keep Foods Separated Food Storage Container, Food-Safe Materials (multicolor)

HSN:3924 (GST 18%)

Weight : 430 gm

Volumetric Weight : 980 gm

Package Dimension : 16.5*16.5*18

Amazon Category: Lunch BoxesHome & Kitchen  

Flipkart Category: Lunch BoxesSchool Supplies 

Color: Multi

Material : Plastic

Bullet Points:

  • Lunch Box For Kids : This lunch box will keep your food, sandwiches, soups, and beverages fresh for lunch, So You Can Pack Your Kids' Lunches in the Morning, And It Will Stay Warm until Lunchtime.
  • Leak proof Lunch Box : This new designed lunch box has an airtight lid, and it is leak proof and spill-proof. Get your kids free of worries about food leak out or spill. Easy to keep in lunch bags, backpacks or handbag.
  • Easy to Carry : It has a high quality Handle for long performance tiffin box for kids. Enjoy healthy, tasty and fresh meal in food link tiffin box for kids boys and tiffin box for kids girls which is made of food grade and BPA free plastic.
  • Lunch Box : Fun Blast lunch box for kids, girls and boys, has a beautiful design, and it prevent freshness and overflow or leakage, and its inner surface is very smooth. The meal preparation container is also easy to clean.
  • Material : This lunch box is made up of nontoxic plastic material.


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<p>Easy to Carry Our portable lunch boxes are crafted, keeping it mind children and professionals. The lunchboxes can be easily carried around in schools and offices in one bag. Travel anywhere with your lunch.</p>
<p>The lunch containers will keep the food warm and fresh Balanced Diet With health awareness increasing at a fast rate among us, everyone is attempting to switch to a wholesome and nutritious diet.</p>
<p>The containers in the lunch box enables you to carry a balanced diet of veggies, daal, salad, and more, anywhere you want. our products are made of high-quality materials.</p>
<p>The lids are designed in a way that allows convenient opening and closing. Easy to Carry in Bag Seamlessly carry your lunch box anywhere in easy-to-wash fabric bag Microwave Safe Saving you the trouble of transferring food to another container to heat. The material allows you to put the lunchbox in the microwave and heat its contents. It is also Freezer Safe and Dishwasher Safe.</p>


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