Marble Self Adhesive Paper Black for Furniture Decorative Matte Granite Cover Waterproof Removable Wallpaper Roll for Countertops Cabinet

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Title: <your brand>Marble Self Adhesive Paper Black for Furniture Decorative Matte Granite Cover Waterproof Removable Wallpaper Roll for Countertops Cabinet 

HSN:3924 (GST 18%)

Weight : 161 gm

                     Volumetric Weight : 446 gm

Package Dimension : 62*6*6

Amazon Category:  WallpaperHome Furnishing Craft Materials  

Flipkart Category: Home Decor | Balloons & Decoration

Material : Marble 

Dimension: 65*8*8 

Bullet Points:

  • Freshen your space : This Marble Effect Paper provides a more attractive look for any item, and is economical to renovate old furniture in a quick and easy way without having to invest a lot of cash. Waterproof and anti-oil is easy to clean. Great for kitchens, bathrooms, home and office applications.
  • Easy measure and cropped :  Easy to control the width, even if a person can complete the perfect decoration. This Marble Effect Paper is easy to cut and apply with measure-and-cut grid on the backing paper.
  • No mismatches : Marble Effect Paper The edges are carefully designed to allow you to work with multiple marble rolls without the hassle-free experience of color or pattern mismatch. 
  • Self-adhesive and removable : Tear off the adhesive liner and stick to any dry, flat surface. PVC material, smooth surface, water, oil, dust, moisture, easy to clean, self-adhesive (no additional glue)
  • No adhesive : Glue free privacy glass film, static clings to the surface, the window film can stick to the glass without any glue, so it is easy to apply, and reusable. A handy cutting-guide grid on the back so you can cut straight lines and exact measurements easily, and let your creative juices flow with the marble vinyl wrap to decorate your sweet home.


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<b>Instruction For Use:</b>
<p>Marble Cover Paper can be placed on any smooth clean and dry surface like shelf, board, wood cabinet, drawer, walls, window, glass and so on. self-adhesive contact paper is best applied at room temperature.</p>
<li>Step 1:Sand down rough surfaces prior to sticking. Clean large surfaces .
<li>Step 2: Measure the surface to cover. Cut the film into right size, leaving about 5cm extra overlap on all edges is beter.
<li>Step 3: Peel off the backing paper evenly with one hand whilst smoothing the film to the surface. With your other hand, from the center to edges. For this it's better to use a soft cloth.
<li>Step 4: Creases and air bubbles can be removed by applying light pressure from the center to the edges.


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