Wooden Roller Foot Massager Body Stress Buster & Acupressure Point Device Relaxation Health Care Product Foot Massager and Legs Pain Relief Massager

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Title: <your brand>Wooden Roller Foot Massager Body Stress Buster & Acupressure Point Device Relaxation Health Care Product Foot Massager and Legs Pain Relief Massager

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Weight: 285 gm

Volumetric Weight : 998 gm

Package Dimension : 31*23*7

Amazon Category:   Foot Massagers

Flipkart Category: Massagers | Health Care Devices

Material: Wooden

Bullet Points:

  • Easy operation by simply place both feet on the roller then moving back and forth, apply pressure as desires. It's also ergonomically designed to accommodate most foot size and extremely easy to apply correct amount of pressure force according to your need.
  • Effective and efficient foot massager, excellent at relieving foot aches and pain accumulate from daily activities such as standing, walking, and exercising. Dual separate row of rollers, massage both feet independently and simultaneously
  • Keep one of this under your desk/table whether you are at home, office or workplace, slip of your foot wares and you must feel the change
  • Relax: It helps to refresh tired, sore & achy feet. Promotes blood circulation on your foot to enhance overall health 


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<b>MATERIAL :</b>
<li>The Stress Massager is made of wood material of good quality and finished by good work.
<b>RELAXES :</b>
This Foot Roller Massager contains ten wooden roller bars that are great for foot stress relief or just relaxation.
Perfect for feet of all sizes & weighing just 1.5lbs, our massager is portable enough to use while travelling, at work, or while watching TV. Take it wherever you go!
<b>EASY TO STORE :</b>
<p>Large enough for both feet and easily store or carry in a small bag. Use it when you are working at your desk, watching TV or just relaxing. Perfect as a gift for Mother, Father, Grandfather ,Grandmother, Brother, Sister.</p>
<p>Wherever you might find yourself on your journey, this nourishing massager with its non-slip base allows you to create your own sanctuary. Be it right at home or in the office, this kneading tool is sure to remain in place on any type of floor.</p>
<p>Combining only organic and sustainable materials, this wooden massager is kind to you and the earth we all share. The carved wood allows you to reconnect with the natural world through calming massage therapy.</p>
<p>Our feet carry us throughout our daily lives, yet they don't always get the attention they deserve. This arched massager mirrors the natural curvature of your foot to offer superior stimulation and double as pain-relief massager.</p>
<p>This wooden foot massager doesn’t just tackle sore feet, it also stimulates blood circulation</p>


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