Replacement Reusable Microfiber Spray Cleaning Mop Head Cloth Pads, Standard, Multicolor (3 Pieces)

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Title: <your brand>Replacement Reusable Microfiber Spray Cleaning Mop Head Cloth Pads, Standard, Multicolor (3 Pieces)

HSN:3924 (GST 18%)

Weight : 124 gm

Volumetric Weight : 478 gm

Package Dimension : 23*13*8

Amazon Category: Home Cleaning Sets

Flipkart Category: Cleaning Clothes | Home Cleaning Sets

Color: Multi (Red + Blue + Green)

Material : Microfiber

Bullet Points:

  • Material : Make of microfiber, helps absorbing fine dust and hair, allows you to clean any surface quicker and better with less effort.
  • Extra thick deep clean : Thick microfiber mop surface ensures a long lasting cleaning pad, can reaches deep into cracks and crevices to pick up more dirt, give your floor impeccably clean.
  • Washable reusable : Drop in the laundry or hand wash and hang dry for long lasting cleaning performance. Durable and can be machine washed time and time again, save your money.
  • Application : Design for Spray and Spin Magic Mop, can be use at home, office, schools and hospitals. Suitable for cleaning the floor, especially wooden floor and some smooth costly floor.
  • Package Included : Only Spray Mop Head Pad. 


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<b>Best uses :</b>
<li>it is used to at your home, office, hospital, and schools.
This Pad Clean the hardwood, tile and laminate flooring.
<li>it is also used to a scrubbing exterior metal and plastic siding, panels, vinyl siding
<li>microfiber pad dusting hard surfaces as a dry mop compare to wet mop so you can easily use it.
<li>Mop head pad is used to reduced your pollen, dander, hair, dust and dirt throughout your house.
<b>Cleaning Mop Pads :</b>
<li>Thick microfiber mop head pad surface ensures a long lasting material cleaning pad.
<li>it is designed for spray and spin magic mop.
also don't scratch your flooring the surfaces you're cleaning.
<b>Mop Pad For Cleaning Purpose :</b>
<li>Washing hygienic nonabsorbent walls in restaurants, hotels, Hospitals, office, schools, collage, temples etc.
<li>it is cleaned to a food preparation areas, commissaries, and commercial kitchens etc.
<b>Washable & Reusable Pads :</b>
<li>This Microfiber Mop Pad is used a many times.. after used this pad and washed the pads and used it again.
<li>Clean hard Surface floor and hard surface to reach windows, mirrors and skylights etc.


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