Premium Electric Hot Water Bag | Dual Insulation Silicon Technology | 6 Layers of Protection PVC Fabric | Clip Charger

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Title: <your brand> Premium Electric Hot Water Bag | Dual Insulation Silicon Technology | 6 Layers of Protection PVC Fabric | Clip Charger

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Weigh: 285 gm

Volumetric Weight : 478 gm

Package Dimension : 23*13*8

Watt: 420W

Capacity: 1 Liter

Color: Multi

Amazon Category: Electric Heating Pads | Hot & Cold Packs

Flipkart Category: Hot Bags Pain Relief Devices

Bullet Points:

  • Double Insulation Silicon heating system with 6 Layered PVC fabric, can withstands static pressure up to 80 Kgs.
  • Maximum heating capacity up to 70°C and lasts up to 8 hours.
  • Quick Heating within 10 minutes, Water Refill Required, Leak Proof
  • Triple Protection: Thermostat with auto cut-off at 70°C temperature, Temperature Fuse & Mechanical switch for power supply.
  • Includes: Electric Hot water bag, Power Socket.


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<p>A hot water bag is a must-have in any household. But no one wants to waste valuable time heating water and worse, getting burnt by scalding hot water! Don't worry, there's a far simpler way.</p>
<p>The electric hot water bag is rechargeable which means you will never have to waste time boiling water. It requires no refill, is energy-saving and lasts for hours at a time!</p>
<b>Hold Close for Chills & Aches</b>
<li>Experience no more flu chills with the warmth of your most huggable buddy when recuperating! Banish aches with its handy size by positioning it where it hurts most
<b>Snuggle in Warm & Comfortable</b>
<li>The hot water bag placed in your bed makes for a comfy night especially during cold winters. Just warm up, tuck under your blanket and slide into your comfy cocoon!
<b>Ease Tummy Cramps & Muscle Soreness</b>
<li>Slip into its lush cover and use it directly on skin to get through even the most awful days! Apply to sore muscles after a tiring workout for some gentle and soothing heat therapy


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