Jumbo Play Game for Kids & Adults Family Game, Floor Game,Child Learning Game ( 2.5 feet x 8 feet- PVC Flex Material ) Count and Jump Floor Games

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Title: <your brand> Jumbo Play Game for Kids & Adults Family Game, Floor Game, Child Learning Game ( 2.5 feet x 8 feet- PVC Flex Material ) Count and Jump Floor Games

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Weight: 368 gm

Volumetric Weight : 868 gm

Package Dimension : 31*20*7

Amazon Category: Floor Games | Board Games Puzzles

Flipkart Category: Baby Mats | Board Games

Material: PVC Flex

Package Included : 1x Hopscotch Puzzle Mat

Item Dimensions : 28 inch X 110 inch

Bullet Points:

  • Play the classic and educational hopscotch hand in hand game with learning carpets  hopscotch play carpet. Use both hands and feet.
  • Made of e-co printing cloth, HD color spray does not fade. The hopscotch can be wiped with a cloth, easy to clean, and soil- and stain-resistant. This carpet can stand up to as much hopping as kids want to do.
  • Whether it’s a bright and sunny day in July or a cold and snowy day in February, the game mat board is ready to play outside or inside. It helps a kid's development thinking and body sport. For children in kindergarten, cultivate sports awareness and improve physical function.
  • Play Mat Size:28 inch X 110 inch Mat Long And Hand And Feet Version.
  • Material : PVC Flex Material


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<b>Hopscotch Jumbo Play mat Game for Kids and Adults :</b>


<li>Hopscotch is a Traditional Playground Game for Boys and Girls.<br>

<b>Benefits of Playing Hopscotch :</b>

<li>This game helps children to master body control. Hopscotch also helps children to manage body rhythm, which is the core of numerous other skills. Movements involved build body strength, balance, eye/hand coordination and more. It's a great “social campfire” for young children.


<b>How To Play :</b>

<li>Hop in the first empty hopscotch square. Balance on one foot in single squares and both feet in side-by-side squares. If the player, loosing his/her balance or steps on a line, s/he returns to the line. On the way back to the start/finish line, pause at the square before the stone.


<b>Features :</b>

<li>Very unique game for Kids. Package includes Multi colored Floor mat (Hopscotch mat).

<li>28 inch width and 110 Inch Length Hopscotch Play Carpet. Very Long Mat. Net Weighted 365 grams.

<li>Play the Classic and Educational Hopscotch Hand and Feet Game. The Mat Made of Eco Printing Cloth, HD Color Spray Does Not Fade.


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