Magic Mesh Magnetic Mosquito Screen Door Net Curtain with Magnets Reinforced Polyester Mesh Curtain Back Door Mesh with Full Frame Hook & Loop

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Title: <your brand> Magic Mesh Magnetic Mosquito Screen Door Net Curtain with Magnets Reinforced Polyester Mesh Curtain Back Door Mesh with Full Frame Hook & Loop

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Weight: 238 gm

Volumetric Weight : 327 gm

Package Dimension : 26*21*3

Amazon Category: Pest Control | Home & Kitchen Mosquito Nets

Flipkart Category: Curtains | Curtains & Accessories

Material: Polyester

Package Included : 1x Set Of Magic Mesh

Bullet Points:

  • Door screens: these mesh/screens are used for main door/ balcony doors/ kitchen utility doors or any doors where there is a chance for mosquitoes to enter. Perfect magnetic fastening - a combination of  magnets ensures quick open and automatic close. It is much better than plastic snaps. The magnets are built-in and hidden from view which can avoid noise when you go through the screen door
  • Keep mosquitoes out- this is an innovative screen door to keep your family from annoying mosquitos, flies and insects. With this magnetic screen door installed, your place is filled with natural air and breeze. You can easily pass through without hands as it can open and close automatically. It also allows toddlers and pets to go through. You do not have to open and close the door a hundred times for them. It doesn't hurt kids or pets in any way
  • Significance: get your door screens soon and avoid the chances of dengue, malaria and other mosquito related viruses. Let your child not get disturbed during his precious study, activity and sleep hours
  • No tools are required. Package includes: Screen door, a roll of hook & loop, and a pack of push pins. Clean door frame surface firstly to ensure long lasting. Then attach the screen mesh to the door frame with the nylon sticker. And push pins to secure the screen into its place much more stable.
  • You also can remove the mesh curtain anytime. Comes with premium metal thumbtacks for extra security. Upgraded heavy duty mesh with a higher thread count can secure the screen into its place more stable.


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<h3>Magic Mesh Magnetic Mosquito Screen Door Net Curtain with Magnets Reinforced Polyester Mesh Curtain Back Door Mesh with Full Frame Hook & Loop</h3>

<b>🌷 Protect the health of you and your family 🌷</b>

<p>We’re committed to making your life more comfortable and easier. Our upgraded magnetic screen door - the self-sealing magnetic closure allows for hands free walk through entry. The magnetic screen door letting fresh air in, keeping out bugs and insects. The screen door’s middle seam is lined with powerful magnets that allow it to close seamlessly behind you!</p>

<p>Our durable, heavy-duty mesh screen with reinforced edges can withstand lots of impact. Suitable for normally size door: entry door, sliding door, French door, kitchen doors and main entrance doors. With wide range of application, such as home kitchen, bedroom, offices, balcony, stores, installs without any tools.</p>


<b>🌷 Premium screen doors with magnets 🌷</b>

<p>Screen keeps your home pets free and your family safe from harmful insect. Allow your children the freedom of running in and out without having to consciously close the door.</p>

<p>Give your pets the freedom of the outdoors, without worrying about creatures entering your home!</p>

<p>Our screen door allows for easy walkthrough while your hands are full. were added in the bottom sides to make sure the screen curtain do not being blown open by wind. Open easily and auto close quickly.</p>


<b>🌷 Magnetic Screen Door 🌷</b>

<p>Full frame hook & loop make the screen curtain more sticky and not easy to fall off. And to secure the screen doors with magnets into its place much more stable, we provide extra push pins in the package.</p>

<p>In the middle of the top, a reinforcement line is sewn in Howitt magnetic screen door, which is different from others, to prevent mesh scree door from tearing.</p>



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