Digital Kitchen Spoon Electronic Food Weighing Scale (500g/0.1g) with LCD Display Detachable Scoop and Tare Function for Measuring Cooking Ingredients Coffee Flour Spices Medicine

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Title: <your brand>Digital Kitchen Spoon Electronic Food Weighing Scale (500g/0.1g) with LCD Display Detachable Scoop and Tare Function for Measuring Cooking Ingredients Coffee Flour Spices Medicine

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Item Weight : 82 Grams

Volumetric Weight : 156 gm

Package Dimension : 26*9.5*9.5

Amazon category : Digital Kitchen Scales

Flipkart Category: Kitchen Weighing Scales | Weighing Scales

Material : Plastic

Bullet Points:

  • The digital food spoon could help you control the amount of food and the nutrition which according to your nutritional balance plan.
  • could help you accurately measure the weight of each gourmet ingredient and perfect proportion of ingredients blends perfect food.
  •  The kitchen food digital scale could help you control the amount of various foods you feed to your pet, ensure that it does not have health problems.
  • Smart Functions: ‘TARE’ Button calculates the net weight of your ingredients by automatically subtracting the weight of the spoon. 4 measurement modes(oz/ gn/ ct/ g) available to change by pressing ‘MODE’ button. And smart indication for Overload/ Low Batteries/ Unstable, 180 seconds Auto-off for energy saving.
  • Easy to use : For table-top scales, first you should scoop out the ingredients into a container for measurement, then pour the ingredients from the container into the pot to mix. The spoon digital scale is different from other food scales, only one step, the digital food spoon is load the ingredients and measuring at some time, then put the ingredients directly into the pot and mix, it is more convenient.


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<p>Digital spoon scales are new type of ideal with the characteristics of handsome, compact size appearance It's reliable performance of multifunction, weighing accuracy makes them to be in family drug stores and Science lab etc. The WAS series have applied for national patents. Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your agency soon, and in order to guarantee your profit</p>

<b>1. Capacity & Precision:</b>
Mas weighing 500g 300g Graduation 0.1g. Min Weighing 0.5g
<b>2. Technical parameters:</b>
<li>Function Tare Function, Unit Switch Function Handle lock function. 2) Power Supply 3V 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery
<li>Operating Temperature 0-40
<b>3. Using Method:</b>
<li>Power Button Press Button ON/OFF to boot after handling the spoon scale In the horizontal position After System self-test, display "0.0g", which conveying into the weighing state and you can start weighing When the power on, Press Button "ON/OFF all the while to shut off If without any operation, and without big changes of weight, The spoon will auto enter into the sleeping state
<li>Tare Function Button When placing containers or bags into the scoop of the spoon scale, Press Button "TARE" to minus the tare back the screen display to zero; If there is no items in weighing scoop press Button "TARE" for Zero correction function, the screen displays zero for starting weighing
<li>Lock Function Button: When the display is static, Press Button "HOLD" to lock and display the weighing value;
<li>Unit Switch Button Press Button "MODE" for changing the weighing Unit between "g" "oz".
<b>4. Attention:</b>
<li>Don't press the scoop of the spoon scale. When operating the scale, please get and put down in caution to avoid impact to assure the accuracy of the scale, 
<li>Don't use the scale in the serious hot humid, dusty or vibration environment conditions
<li>Due to the reasons of the Mechanics, Please keep the scale in horizontal position to read the display boot and tare The excessive leaning will influence the accuracy.
<li>When Low power there will be sign of battery displaying on the screen to alarm you at this time please change the new battery on time
<li>Using soft cloth with a little water or a little detergent to clear up the dusts over the spoon scale It's forbidden to clean the scales with organic solvents or alkali liquid.
<li>Please prevent water or other liquid into the scale for the water or liquid will let have the Short-circuit and burn it.
<li>When without using for long time please move the battery out


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