PVC Sound-Proof Reduce Noise Energy Saving Weather Stripping Under Door Twin Draft Stopper Sound and dust Proof Twin Under Door Draft Fabric Guard

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Title: <your brand> PVC Sound-Proof Reduce Noise Energy Saving Weather Stripping Under Door Twin Draft Stopper Sound and dust Proof Twin Under Door Draft Fabric Guard

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Weight: 102 gm

Volumetric Weight : 988 gm

Package Dimension : 30.5*12*13.5

Category: Home Improvement | Door Closers

Flipkart Category: door stoppers | draft stoppers

Material: PVC FABRIC

Package Included : 1 x Door Twin Draft Stopper

Bullet Points:

  • SUITABLE :-- suitable for up to 85 Cm doors ,twin door draft stopper keeps the cold air staying out and the heat staying in with both sided protection. Also great for blocking noise, Light, Bugs, Dust and fumes.
  • EASILY MOVE :-- Door draft stopper easily move with the door and glides over carpet, wood, tile, linoleum. No need to bend down and reposition.
  • EASILY REMOVE :-- The door strip can be quickly cleaned by washing, no need to replace, save your time and labor.
  • GOOD FOR :-- Good for use in both summer and winter months to stop unfriendly drafts and wind noise Perfect for using on interior or exterior doors and windows. It is very soft, economical and practical
  • DOUBLE SIDED :-- Twin Draft Guards are double sided to provide double air-leak protection and move with the door when opening and clos in.


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<b>Material:</b> Made of foam cotton and cloth material, high quality and durable.<br><br>

<b>Cuttable and easy to install:</b> You can cut the length as you need and easy to install without back adhesive.<br><br>

<b>Application:</b> The door draft stopper is widely used in all kinds of sliding door, security door, closet door and etc.<br><br>

<b>Features:</b> The door blocker helps to reduce noise and block the cold hot air.<br><br>

<b>A Double sided Insulation device for sealing gaps and cracks in doors and windows:</b><br><br>

<p>Draft stopper conveniently moves with your door - no need to constantly bend down to re-position! It is the perfect solution to help insulate your home during any season! During the fridge winters the draft stopper will help seal those drafty doors and keep the heat in. Excellent on those hot humid summer days to help keep your cool air in. Stop wasting your hard earned money on increasingly high heating and air conditioning bills. This multi-purpose draft stopper also works great for drowning out noises. Very useful in dorm rooms and areas you would like to keep quite. Seals openings to block dust, dirt, and odors from entering. The waterproof material creates a barrier that will protect your home through all seasons.</p>

 <b>Easy to install and operate:</b><br><br>

<li>The 36 inch under door draft stopper keeps the cold air stays out, the heat stays in. Efficiently helps with the heating and cooling bills.</li><br>

<li>The door draft stopper works efficiently with your doors and windows. Double-sided means double protection. Maximize help to reduces light, noise, wind, cold air and smells.</li><br><br>


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