Portable USB Rechargeable Electric Fruit Vegetable Onion Garlic Cutter Food Speedy Chopper Mini Slicer, Food Processor

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Title: <your brand> Portable USB Rechargeable Electric Fruit Vegetable Onion Garlic Cutter Food Speedy Chopper Mini Slicer, Food Processor

HSN: 73239310 (GST 18%)

Weight: 264 gm

Volumetric Weight : 490 gm

Package Dimension : 13*13*14.5

Category: Mini Food Processors & Choppers Manual Choppers & Chippers Food Processors 

Flipkart Category: Choppers & Slicers | Electric Food Slicers

Material: ABS Plastic

Package Included : 1x Electric garlic cutter, 1x Usb Cable, 1x User Manual

Bullet Points:

  • No chance touching the sharp tools while operating the nut chopper . In addition, the onion chopper allows chop in the sealing container is great for avoiding onion and garlic irritation to the eyes and skin
  • The cup body and lid are separable, the sharp tools can be removed from the cup body and washed directly. 3 sharp tools, it ca chop garlic, ginger, peppers, vegetables, fruits, meats etc.
  • The food chopper is equipped with an easy push-down presser, just press a few times then you will get everything done well as a chef. Ideal for mincing, chopping, mixing vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, chocolates, meat, super sharp, anti-rust stainless steel blades for perfect performance
  • Electric garlic chopper is made of high-quality ABS, PP &PC material, which is harmless to your family and children, food-grade cup body, non-toxic plastic, safe for containing food, firm and more resistant to falling.
  • Most powerful triple-blade chopper with one touch pulse control. triple-blade system chops cleanly, retaining essential nutrients inside your food rather than losing them along with the water released during chopping.


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<h3>Portable USB Rechargeable Electric Fruit Vegetable Onion Garlic Cutter Food Speedy Chopper Mini Slicer, Food Processor</h3>

<b> <u>Features</u> :-</b>


    <li>Design: It has 3 sharp blades, USB charging. No need to plug-in power, only press the button, then start to stir. And release hand easily.</li>

    <li>Convenient and Portable: mini shape, and rechargeable, so we can take it wherever we want, outside or inside.</li>

    <li>Go camping or friends parties. Every time you want to use it, it will meet your needs.It will be the best Kitchen tools for you or anyone who loves cooking.</li>

    <li>Easy to Clean: Made of ABS, and stainless steel materials, safe for containing food, firm; The cup body and lid are separable.</li>

    <li>You can wash the blade and the cup body separately with our brush. Easy to clean and wash.</li>

    <li>Multi function and Save Time : It is a multi functional Food Chopper, It can not only grind meat, but also can grind fruit, vegetables, and meat, like spinach, pumpkin, carrots, peppers, and food supplements, etc. Make fresh homemade puree, steamed vegetable puree for your baby. Save your many time in kitchen.</li>

    <li>GIFT: The perfect gifts for your lover, mom, or friends. Note: it is a mini chopper, do not put too big food into it to stir</li>



<b> <u>Specifications</u>  :-</b><br><br>

<li><b>Material:</b> stainless steel, ABS </li><br>

<li><b>Battery:</b> Battery (included) </li><br>

<li><b>Battery voltage:</b> 3.7V </li><br>

<li><b>Rated current:</b> 6A </li><br>

<li><b>Rated power:</b> 45W</li><br>

<li><b>Working time:</b> ≤30s</li><br>

<li><b>Rated input voltage:</b> 5V</li><br>

<li><b>Rated input current:</b> 1A</li><br>



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