Kitchen Oil Proof Aluminum Foil Stickers, Self-Adhesive Wall Sticker Waterproof Anti-Mold and Heat Resistant, Kitchen Backsplash Wallpaper for Walls Cabinets Drawers and Shelves (GOLDEN CHECKS)

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Title: <your brand> Kitchen Oil Proof Aluminum Foil Stickers, Self-Adhesive Wall Sticker Waterproof Anti-Mold and Heat Resistant, Kitchen Backsplash Wallpaper for Walls Cabinets Drawers and Shelves (GOLDEN CHECKS)

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%) 

Weight: (1) 211gm

                (2) 231 gm

                (3) 214 gm

Volumetric Weight : 302 gm / 446 gm

Package Dimension : 42*6*6 / 62*6*6

Amazon Category: Decorations | Home Furnishing Craft Materials 

Flipkart Category: Home Decor | Balloons & Decoration

Material: Aluminum foil and Plastic

Dimension: (1) 200x40 Cm

(2) 200x60 Cm

(3)300x40 Cm

Bullet Points:

  • EASY TO INSTALL: Self-adhesive, just need to peel and stick. There are grid lines behind the wallpaper for you to scissor accurately. its Removable & no glue residue
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS- made of high-quality aluminum foil, Plastic and glue, oil, water, and high temperatures to provide you with a clean kitchen. it has stronger fire resistance than ordinary PVC boards. Heat and moisture resistant, easy to wipe to remove stains.
  • DURABLE & BEAUTIFUL: Kitchen wallpaper oil proof water proof, Eco-friendly, anti-friction, protect your furniture from corrosion and damp. Easy to clean. Cover stains. Decorate and renovate old metallic furniture, make your house look more upscale.
  • SAFE FOR WALLS: This 3D decorative stickers wallpaper is Removable, Waterproof, Heat resistant, Oil-resistant, Re-position able and Eco-friendly. Wholphin wall decal is made with High quality Eco and durable PVC material. Accent the wall in your home with this bright, lively wallpaper.
  • APPLICATION: Suitable for the kitchen backsplash, cabinets, countertop, shelves, walls, pantry areas, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, cabinet and other smooth surfaces. Suitable for: Desk, floor, stove, wall, cabinet, drawer, wardrobe.


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<p>This oil proof sticker can help you. Oil proof sticker is a self adhesive liner, which save extra glue. PVC material makes it easy to clean. It's ideal for kitchen countertop, kitchen backsplash. If you want to decorate your home in an affordable way, it'll be a good choice. WATER/OIL-PROOF MATERIAL, EASY TO CLEAN. Our products are very easy to clean, no matter what the stain, just wipe it. Use it on your kitchen countertop without worry. CAN BE USED BEHIND STOVE Our oil-proof sticker product is not afraid of fire and is relatively high temperature resistant, so it is suitable for kitchens. PROTECT THE FURNITURE WELL Paste it on your furniture, make them far away from any damage. CLEAN Clean the surface so that there is no water or dust on the surface and the surface is smooth CUT Measure the area you need to past, cut the paper, leave 5 cm more on each side to avoid it can't cover your object completely. PEEL OFF Peel off a little bit of backing paper and paste it on the edge that needs to be pasted STICK Use one hand to peel off the paper and the other hand to lay it flat without bubbles and wrinkles WARM TIPS :</p>

<li>Measure the object you want to cover carefully, purchase enough rolls.</li>

<li>Before pasting, keep the place clean, flat, no dust and water, without texture. Otherwise, it will not stick very well.</li>

<li>.Be careful when removing air bubbles to prevent scratching the paper.</li>

<li>If you paste it wrong and need to peel off the sticker, please peel slowly and paste it again. when pasting, peel off the backing paper slowly and don't peel it off all at once, otherwise it'll stick to itself.</li><br><br>

<b> Feature :</b> 


<li>Do not need glue, self-adhesive </li>

<li>Durable, long service time</li> 

<li>Oilproof ,easy to clean</li> 

<li>Waterproof, moisture proof</li>

<li>Use in bathrooms, kitchens, closets, laundry rooms, school projects, workshops, office, craft projects,& furniture. Cover cabinets, doors, countertops, shelves walls can be stickered on.</li>


<b>How to use ?</b> 


    <li>Clean and dry surface with mild soap and water. Make sure that surface must be flat and cannot have any carve.</li> 

<li>Just cut out the size you want.</li> 

<li>Use dishcloth or card to remove any air bubbles.</li>



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