5 L Fridge Storage Containers with Handle Plastic Storage Container for Kitchen With Lid Transparent Containers for Kitchen Storage

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Title: <your brand> 5 L Fridge Storage Containers with Handle Plastic Storage Container for Kitchen With Lid Transparent Containers for Kitchen Storage

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Weight: 286 gm

Volumetric Weight : 1248 gm

Package Dimension : 32*15*13

Amazon Category: Home & Kitchen Jars & Containers

Flipkart Category: Kitchen Containers | storage basket

Material: Plastic

Package Included : 1 x 5L Fridge Box


Bullet Points:

  • PERFECT FOR KITCHEN FOOD STORAGE: Storage container keeps every ingredient or food item on hand without going through all your kitchen storage boxes. These food storage bins help to maintain visual access to the contents of your fridge, freezer or pantry, saving you precious time and effort.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: It is stain and odor resistant, so you'll enjoy it for years to come because simply it will not discolor, warp, melt or chip like the old ugly plastic yellowing refrigerator storage containers.
  • EASY TO USE AND TO CLEAN: Store your fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy's and beverages with our container set in easy to clean food storage boxes. Prevent unpleasant odor in the refrigerator via mixing things together. DURABLE & REUSABLE: Plastic containers with lids are made of high-quality Plastic. These plastic food containers are meant to be your best storage solution which is built for last. Our food storage set has an ergonomic handles for effortless carrying and stacking.
  • MULTI-USE DESIGN - In addition to food storage in both the pantry and refrigerator/freezer, it also works great in the garage, bathroom, or bedroom for organizing craft supplies, sewing suppliers, office supplies, classroom items, decorations, makeup, smaller bedroom items, etc
  • Dimension : 15 x 29 x 16 cm - L x W x H.


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<p>Storage containers with lids are used for organizing your fridge, freezer, or pantry to store meat, vegetables, or fruits with the efficient use of space. These plastic containers with handles are made of high-quality plastic. This storage container set is airtight, reusable & lightweight, and easy to carry. These clear food containers are easy to use and to clean. These containers with lids have comfortable handles for effortless carrying and stacking. This kitchen storage set is perfect for refrigerator food organizing. These plastic storage containers have a transparent body helping you to find food easily. Store kitchen and pantry supplies like chips, cookies, or a large soup, rice, flour, sugar, and beans in these food storage container sets.</p>


<b>Multi Functional Fridge Storage Container</b><br>


    <li>This Plastic Storage Box Container is ideal to keep and organize food, drink, fruits and vegetables in fridge and to keep cereals, spices, grams etc. in kitchen and also used to store stationary items like clips, pens, pencil, papers, toys etc.</li>

    <li>This box is in rectangular shape to save more space in your kitchen cabinet and in your refrigerator.</li>

    <li>This box is also airtight and keeps food fresh for very long time. It has transparent body which allows you to view the content of the box and also it has steady handle to hold it easily without any difficulty.</li>

    <li>This box is made by high quality food grade PP plastic material which is safe to store food in it.</li>

    <li>Light weight and durable. Ideal to use it in refrigerator to save more space.</li>



<b>Food Storage Organizer</b><br><br>

<li>Store items such as ribbon, tweezers, nail clippers, or some small things to make any junk drawer look neater.</li>

<li>Side-locking lids seal these containers tightly, protecting your food from air and water while keeping it fresh.</li>

<li>Great inside the refrigerator or freezer that organize them and keep the yogurt, meat, cheeses, eggs, fruit, or vegetables fresh.</li>

<li>Easily store kitchen staples and pantry supplies like chips, cookies, or a large soup, rice, flour, sugar, and beans in these sturdy containers.</li>

<li>These are also used for table and desk to store and organize your food, or deal with small things.</li><br>


<b>Airtight Container</b><br><br>

<li>Anti-Dust Lid can keeps produce from dust and keep product storing fresher.</li>

<li>This box is airtight thus keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for very long time.</li>

<li>The handles are strong enough to hold the entire box by one hand.</li><br>


<b>Stackable Basket</b><br><br>

<li>This boxes are in rectangular shape which saves more space in your kitchen cabinet, refrigerator, dining table.</li>

<li>It also stackable so that you can arrange the boxes neatly in a small place without any mess.</li>

<li>Stackable function design for space saving and efficient organize fridge-freezer and refrigerator</li><br>


<b>Multi Use</b><br><br>

<li>This food storage container is used for the storage of various kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat and fishes; it offers you an efficient use of space.</li>

<li>It is strong enough to hold more stationary items and saves more space in your table.</li>

<li>It can also helps to organize your workplace and shelf without any mess.</li><br>



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