Rotating Cake Turn Table 11 Inch Turns Smoothly Revolving Cake Stand White Cake Decorating Kit Tools Accessories Supplies for Decoration

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Title: <your brand> Rotating Cake Turntable 11 Inch Turns Smoothly Revolving Cake Stand White Cake Decorating Kit Tools Accessories Supplies for Decoration

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Weight: 600 gm

Volumetric Weight : 1705 gm

Package Dimension : 31*11*25

 Amazon Category: Dinnerware & Serving Pieces

Flipkart Category: Cake & Pie Servers | Kitchen Tool Sets

Material: Polypropylene

Package Included : 1 x Cake Turn Table 

Bullet Points:
  • Essential Cake Decorating Tool: 11 inch in diameter cake turntable, let you create exquisite borders along the base or design a professional cake.
  • Rotate Smoothly: Hidden ball bearings make turntable turns smoothly, clockwise or counterclockwise direction, great for left-handed and right handed decorators.
  • Premium Material: Made of food-grade plastic materials, safe for your health. No worries about elements getting added to your food.
  • Non slip Surface: Design with frosted mesa which prevents your cake from moving about. Easy to wash with a towel and water.
  • Display Stand: Lightweight, easy to carry or move around. Can be as a display stand for using, white color can match any decor at your party.


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<br>If you're a bake lover and want to decorating an exquisite cake 11 Inch white cake turntable is a nice choice for you. Cake turntable makes cake decoration a breeze and completely fun to do. For instance, you can use it to carry out many designs like designing garlands on the cake sides, decorating cake and cookies or creating candy lettering.</br>

<b>Turns Smoothly.</b>

<br>There are concealed ball bearings underneath the top. These aid the smooth rotation of the top, allowing you to design your cake effortlessly.</br>

<b>Two Rotation Directions.</b>

<br>Turning clockwise or counterclockwise for the benefit of either left or right-handed persons.


<b>No Noise While Turning.</b>

<br>spinner turns quietly, allowing you to have your peace of mind while working.<br></br>

<b>Durable and Lightweight.</b>

<br>It is made of high-grade plastic that is so easy to wash with a towel and water. The sturdiness of the material makes the tool last, serving you seamlessly for years. Lightweight and easy to carry or move around. </br>


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