Eco-Friendly Foldable Storage Bin Basket Organizer Set for Clothes and Toys | multipurpose - Small, Medium, Large ( Set of 3 Size )

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Title: <your brand>Eco-Friendly Foldable Storage Bin Basket Organizer Set for Clothes and Toys | multipurpose - Small, Medium, Large ( Set of 3 Size )

HSN: 3240 (18%)

Weight: 950 gm

Volumetric Weight : 2304 gm

Package Dimension :  45*32*8

Category: Shelf BasketsStorage Baskets

Flipkart category: Storage baskets | Storage organiser

Material: jute

Package Included : 3 x  Clothes Storage Basket

Clothes Storage Basket

Bullet Points:

  • Storage bins define class and functionality. Made up of premium jute fabric, they are perfect for uncluttering your space and making it beautiful with bright and rich colors. It is a multi-utility storage basket which you can use to organize and enhance your space.
  • It is collapsible, meaning you put it away when you don't need it without worrying about space. The thick cotton rope handles and the sturdy metal frame make it a strong storage option with easy maintenance and transportation.
  • Storage boxes help in creating a clean and clutter free home. It can also be used as socks organizers storage or undergarment organizer.
  • Use it for kids toys storage, socks storage, towels storage, diaper storage, clothes, book storage, dorm-room storage, garments organizer in closet, Gadgets etc.
  • Package Contains 3 Utility Storage Basket Organizer. 1 Large: 35 X 25 X 16 cm. 1 Medium: 31 X 22 X 14 cm. 1 Small: 27 X 18 X 13 cm.


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<br>storage baskets are a perfect way to accessorize, organize, and store items at home, office, loft or other dwellings. Keep your closets, shelves, open space, tables tidy and organized with this set of bins. We offer storage solutions that complement lifestyles.</br>

<br>A great addition to any home and are suitable for storing a wide range of household items. Use these baskets to keep your things organized, a sturdy and stylish way to keep everything neat and tidy.</br>

<br>These storage bins are perfect for organizing and cutting down on clutter, the collapsible storage cubes add fun and functionality to your home storage organizer! Shelf baskets have sturdy wire frame stands up to everyday use in bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms or closets, while the exterior thick jute material lined with a soft fabric interior for easy cleaning. </br>

<br>Each storage basket has cotton rope handles on both sides for easy transportation & make everything easy to grab and move. Handles on each end make carrying it convenient and comfortable. Perfect shelf storage organizer for kids toys storage, socks storage, diaper storage, book storage, dorm-room storage, undergarments organizer in closet, Gadgets etc.


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