Magic Sticker Series Self Adhesive Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Organizer Shelf Bathroom Racks And Shelves Without Drilling

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Title: <your brand>Magic Sticker Series Self Adhesive Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Organizer Shelf Bathroom Racks And Shelves Without Drilling

HSN:72299090 (GST 18%)

Weight : 529 gm

Volumetric Weight : 1110 gm

Dimension : 37*15*10

Category: Bathroom Shelves

Material: ABS plastic

Package Included : 1 x Bathroom Shelf

Bullet Points: 
  • MAGIC STICKER:- is an innovative formula that grasps the surface firmly and greatly improves the loading ability and service Life of wall mounted accessories in bathroom, kitchens and elsewhere in the home, with no damage to your walls. never falls of from the wall once you stick it. magic sticker Strong Adhesiveness Protects Against Water and Provides Extra Strength and Durability.
  • design - This shower caddy is made up of stainless steel frame and durable plastic base. A sleek edge around the shelf is designed specifically to prevent any falls from the shelf. This bathroom storage rack has high load-bearing capacity and holds up to 5 Kg.
  • Wide application: Suitable for using it in kitchen, bathrooms and anywhere you like. This kitchen bathroom storage shelves can be used to organize spice shampoo, shower gel, Lotion, soap, razor, spice bottles, sauce, and other kitchen and bathroom accessories.
  • hassle free tools  . no screws No More ugly holes in your bathroom or kitchen. Simply choose a smooth surface such as tiles, glass, metal. 
  • Apply it and you're done in No Time. do : Press and Flat the magic sticker pad, squeeze the air out from middle to edge. Waiting for 24 hours then Hang the Tray on the Magic Sticker pad's hooks. don't: It does Not suit for uneven or rough surface Dimension: 34 x 12 x 5.3 cm. Package Contents 1 Bathroom Storage Rack.


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<b>Stainless Steel Magic Sticker Series Self Adhesive Wall Mounted Bathroom Cosmetic Storage Shelf Organizer (White)</b>


 ✔ Smooth Surface:-Mirror, Smooth Glass, Smooth Tiles, Acrylic, Etc...<br>


 ✔ Clean The Wall And Keep Dry; Tear Off The Protective Film, Don't Touch The Sticker And Avoid The Joint When Install; Press The Sticker To Remove The Atmosphere, Make Sure To Keep Sticker Stick On The Wall Smoothly; Put On The Rack, Finish The Installation. Please Check If It Is Strong Enough Before You Use.

<b> ★ Warm Tips: ✔</b>

 1)After Installation, Latex Paint Wall Or Wallpaper Installation Surface Mat Be Damaged, Please carefully Consider Whether You want To Install The Product On That Wall. ✔

 2)The Magic Sticker Can Not Be Bent, Otherwise It Can Not Be Normal Use. 

 3)Due To The Storage Adhesion, Second Use May Reduce The Adsorption. Please Carefully Choose The Installation Location. ✔

 4)If Made The Incorrect Installation, Please Dismantle Within Half An Hour, ear Off The Sticker From Corner And Keep Flat, Wash In Warm Water Or Rinse, And Dye By Hair Dryer.<br><br>

<b> ★ PRECAUTIONS: </b>

 1)Avoid Direct Sunlight, Keep Away From High Temperature And Fire When Use The Product.

 2)Avoid Using Alcohol And Dilute Product To Wipe Or Clean The product.

 3) It Can't Be Installed If The Surface Is too Rough, Convex Surface Is Too Large And Fragile.

 4)Dirty Wall, Dampness And Easy To Peel Off The Surface Of Peeling And Other Mounting Surface Can't Be Installed The Product. ✔

 5)Do Not Hang Precious, Fragile Or Dangerous Items On This Product, Do Not Overweigh, So As To Avoid Unnecessary Losses. ✔

 6)As Plastic, Iron, Stainless Steel And Other Accessories Part Is Very Sharp, Please Pay Attention To Avoid Scratches.



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