Magic Sticker Series Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Kitchen Organizer Cutlery Holder Multipurpose Rack Spoon Stand Utensil Shelf for Kitchen with Drip Tray (White)

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:Title <your brand> Magic Sticker Series Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Kitchen Organizer Cutlery Holder Multipurpose Rack Spoon Stand Utensil Shelf for Kitchen with Drip Tray (White)

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 28x8x13cm

Weight: 800gm

Category: Kitchen Racks & Holders

Flipkart Category: Kitchen Tool Sets | Magnets

Material: ABS Plastic

Package Included : 1 x Plastic Holder, 1 x Sticker

    Bullet Points:

    • Suitable for storing and keeping your favorite cooking utensils accessible on the countertop or hang over the dish rack with hook design. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy.
    • Cutlery organizer comes with 3 storage compartments which allow you to organize the space for your cutlery such as spoon, fork, chopstick, knives, spatula, ladle and 4 hanging hooks. With small size drain holes in the bottom of each container.
    • This cutlery stand is crafted of hard solid plastic and has high load-bearing capacity and holds up to 5 Kg with powerful adhesion system.
    • Better storage the small utensil holders, it gives completely different and stylish look to the cutlery kitchen.
    • Installation. no tools. no screws. no more ugly holes in your bathroom or kitchen. Simply choose a smooth surface such as tiles, glass, metal. apply it and you're done in no time. do : press and flat the magic sticker pad, squeeze the air out from middle to edge. waiting for 24 hours then hang the tray on the magic sticker pad's hooks. don't: it does not suit for uneven or rough surface.


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    <p>The kitchen can be such a mess, especially when you need it to be well organized the most. How many times does it happen that your sauce needs stirring at the right time, and you end up wasting a lot of time just looking for the ladle? Well, not anymore! This Multifunction Wall-Mounted Cutlery/Storage Rack Holder is just the addition that any kitchen needs. With this Cutlery Storage Rack, you can manage your kitchen space and make it less hectic to find things on time exactly when you need them. Make your kitchen space handy and accessible with this magnificent storage accessory.</p>


    <p>This Storage Rack not only keeps your kitchen tidy but also gives you a space to keep your favorite cooking kitchen utensils accessible on the countertop or hang over the dish rack with a hook design. This rack is perfect for holding your spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, silverware, or other small utensils. This rack is a perfect choice for every home as the 3 unit shelves create space to keep your kitchen supplies, bathroom essentials, and even decorative items easily.</p>


    Sturdy and Durable

    Made from the highest quality combination of ABS, PP, SEBS, and PC plastics, this Self-Adhesive Multifunction Storage Rack is made with the highest regard for durability. We know how much rough handling items in the kitchen can go through; that is why this rack is something you don’t have to worry about.


    <b>Super Strong Adhesive</b>

    <li>This Kitchen Drain Storage Rack comes with a super-strong adhesive that can hold all the weight of your kitchen items that you subject it to. It also gives you the flexibility of being able to put this rack up wherever you want. One famously used space is near the stovetop, where everything is handy.

    <b>No Surface Damage</b>

    <li>One thing you can be assured of is that there will be no damage to your kitchen counter, your utensils, or even the surface on which you put this rack upon. The adhesive and the durable, high-quality plastic make sure that everything stays neat and pristine.

    <b>Dry Quick and Easily</b>

    <li>This rack has a perforation at the bottom surface so that when you place your freshly washed utensils in it, they find a way to dry quickly and easily. Sometimes wiping off utensils after a wash can be hectic and incomplete; this is where this feature comes in handy.

    <b>No Drilling Required</b>

    <li>People hesitate to get these kinds of handy racks installed in their kitchens because they feel they would have to get a lot of drilling work done, which can be messy and potentially damage walls. The strong adhesive strip eliminates the need for drilling work.

    <b>Safe for Environment</b>

    <li>This Cutlery Storage Holder/Rack is safe for the environment since no harmful chemicals and substances were used in manufacturing it. If you worry about unhealthy plastic fumes near your cooking area, you don’t have to worry about it with this rack.


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