Bathroom Shelves AS+ABS+SEBS+PC Magic Sticker Series Shower Caddy Plastic Self Adhesive Wall Organizer Shampoo Cosmetic Storage Shelf (Standard Size, Blue)

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Title: <your brand>Bathroom Shelves AS+ABS+SEBS+PC Magic Sticker Series Shower Caddy Plastic Self Adhesive Wall Organizer Shampoo Cosmetic Storage Shelf (Standard Size, Blue)

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Weight: 455 gm

Volumetric Weight : 1248 gm

Dimension : 32*15*13

Amazon Category: Bathroom ShelvesBathroom Trays

Flipkart Category:  Bathroom Racks | Wall Shelves

Material: ABS plastic

Package Included : Bathroom Tray With Stickers

Bullet Points: 

  • Magic Sticker Series. diy quick installation in a minute. Our bathroom organizers comes with strong self adhesive magic sticker. No extra tool or hardware required for installation. These are far better than vacuum suction types which keeps on falling every now and then.
  • magic sticker is an innovative formula that grasps the surface firmly & greatly improves the loading ability and service Life of wall mounted accessories in bathroom, kitchens and elsewhere in the home, with no damage to your walls. never falls of from the wall once you stick it.
  • design - This shower caddy is made up of high grade AS+ABS+SEBS+PC material. A sleek edge around the shelf is designed specifically to prevent any falls from the shelf. This bathroom storage rack has high load-bearing capacity and holds up to 5 Kg.
  • hassle free installation - no tools .no screws . Simply choose a smooth surface such as tiles, glass, metal etc. Apply it and you're done in No Time. Installation Tip - Clean and Dry the surface of application before putting the sticker. Press and Flat the magic sticker pad, squeeze the air out from middle to edge. Fit the bathroom shelf on the hooks given on sticker and you are done. Though not mandatory, but it is recommended to wait for 24 hrs before putting on accessories on the shelf
  • NO DRILL WALL MOUNTED BATHROOM SHELF - A product of magic sticker series self adhesive kitchen and bathroom organizers. Keep your kitchen or bathroom organized and clean. Large capacity for holding shampoo, conditioner or spice bottle to meet your different demands. Load bearing capacity of 5KG. Ideal for kitchen, bathrooms, guest bathrooms and powder rooms


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SPECIFICATIONS Color: White & Blue Material: ABS Plastic Style: Multifunctional Shower Caddy Basket Shelf Suggest Max Load: 5kg/11.02lb Product Weight: 0.450kg Product Dimensions: 30cm(L) x12cm(W) x6.5cm(H) PACKAGE INCLUDED Bathroom Shelf *1 Adhesive Stickers *2 Instruction *1 HOW TO INSTALL.

 1. Clean and dry the surface where the sticker will be installed. 2. Fasten the stickers tightly in the buckles. 3. Peel off the protective film. 4. Install on the wall to achieve positioning. 5. Take down product and press again the stickers to remove the internal air. 6. Wait for 12 hours. Then hang the product back. HOW TO REMOVE Method 1: This method is applicable for waterproof surfaces, such as glass, acrylic board, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glazed tile, and plastic surface.

. 1. Drench the edge of the sticker with water. 2. Continue using water for wetting the sticky side to assist in peeling off. Method 2: This method is applicable for heat-resistant surfaces, such as wood, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glazed tile and metal board surface.

 1. Heat the sticker with hair dryer. 2. Peel it off. NOTE 1.Recommend to install on smooth and even surface. Please confirm if your wall is suitable before installation. Do not install on easy-peel-off surface such as Lime Wall, Plaster Wall, Stucco Wall, Wallpaper Wall. Don’t install over the Grout Lines. 2.Wait for 12 Hours before hanging items. Do not hang overweight 5kg/11.02lb and dangerous fragile items. 3. Avoid mounting on the surface of high temperature objects (below 80 ℃). 4. Installation videos: you can search for "Non-trace Sticker Product Instruction" on YOUTUBE to watch the videos.



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