4 Layer News Paper Rack Document Tray File Rack Documents A4 Files Papers Letters Folders Holder Desk Organizer (Black)

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Title: <your brand> 4 Layer News Paper Rack Document Tray File Rack Documents A4 Files Papers Letters Folders Holder Desk Organizer (Black)

HSN: 72299090 (GST 18%)


Category : Kitchen Accessories

Package Included : 1 x 4 Layer News Paper Rack

  • Item Dimensions L x W x H  ‏ : ‎ 31 x 30 x 28 Centimeters

Bullet Points:
  • Use your desk space more efficiently by keeping your important documents categorized and off your desk or floor with our 4-level metal mesh file organizer to help you stay organized.
  • Clean up the clutter on your desk or work space with our 4-tray metal mesh organizer with 4 separate file storage levels allowing you to store all your frequently used files, binders, books Easy Access That Moves With You. Our document sorting desk organizer's front-loading pull out trays slides out smoothly and goes right back easily for easy storage that's right there when you need it.
  • Slid able trays - sliding out for access. The trays are easy to push forward and back. Convenient to put papers in and take them out.
  • Material : Metal Mesh , Size : 31.3 X 28.5 X 30 CM , Color : Black , Package Included : 1 X 4-Tier Metal Mesh File/Documents/Letters/A4 Size Files Rack.
  • Designed with foot pad, anti-skid and prevent it scratching desktop.


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 Assembles In 5 Minutes : Our black desk tray organizer is so easy to put together that even a child could do it! Our customers love simple assembly which saves them time. All it takes is three simple steps and you are ready to go. 4 tier desktop organization rack made of black metal. Excellent for sorting mail, magazines, files, and more to keep the desktop clean and free of clutter.

      More Space Than The Competition With 4 Sliding Trays : Our modern metal mesh rack offers more space than other school and office organizers .This gives you more storage space for your home, kitchen or Office to store accessories & supplies.

       So Strong, Place Heavy Items With No Problems : Our paper sorting and storage rack has plenty of room for your documents and folders and is crafted out of metal, not plastic, to hold more weight. You can place heavy large reams of paper in the inbox and outbox trays without worry. 

         Tough & Durable : Durable metal wire mesh construction with a classic black finish that is strong and dent-resistant provides maximum protection.

           Automatic Trays Stops, Keeps Files In Place (Enough Gap Between Trays) : Our mail holder stops automatically at the back and prevents trays to slide out which helps to keep the files in place. The drawer tiers won't fall off even when you lift the organizer to move from one room to another room. Specification : Size : 28.5 x 30 x 31.3 CM Material : Metal Color : Black Package Include : 1 x Metal rack


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