Velvet Heating Bag, Heat Bags for Pain Relief with soft velvet hand pocket, Electric hot Pad, Heat Water Bottle (Multi Color)

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Title: <your brand> Velvet Heating Bag, Heat Bags for Pain Relief with soft velvet hand pocket, Electric hot Pad, Heat Water Bottle (Multi Color)

HSN: 3924 (GST 18%)

Weigh: 157 gm

Volumetric Weight : 239 gm

Package Dimension : 23*13*8

Watt: 500W

Capacity: 1 Liter

Color: Multi

Amazon Category: Electric Heating Pads

Flipkart Category: Hot Bags | Pain Relief Devices

Item Dimensions L x W x H : 26x19x5 cm
(Package Dimension 12*8*5)

    Bullet Points:
    • Just 5 to 10 minutes of electric charge gives heated pad for close above 120 minutes
    • Strong points portable rechargeable heating pad easy to use and carry less electricity consumption easy
    • Operation: does not require filling of water where to use rechargeable heat pad is useful for providing instant relief from pain and treatment of sports injuries, arthritis, sore neck, backache, muscular pains, cramps, hypothermia, sprains, growing pains
    • You can keep it inside the quilt to heat up the quilt or use on low temperature for massaging body parts
    • How to use (1) insert the power cord on the product to the socket and connect the power 1a - keep it on flat and levelled surface while charging (2) a red light (indicator) starts immediately showing heating is in process (3) after 7 to 10 minutes indicator switches off automatically (4) you can switch off charging before that also to keep the heat low (5) heat pad is ready to use (6) once heat pad is charged, it will remain hot for the period of 60 to 120 minutes


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    <p>Modern lifestyle and hectic schedules are common for all people. The daily routine is full of hefty movements and painful settlements. Whether you drive by your own or travel by bus, body pain is common. Sedentary lifestyle, weather changes, old age and exercises also led to pain in joints, muscles and body.</p>
    <b>Innovative Technology</b>
    Electric hot get bag is an innovative way to get relieve from pain. Unlike the traditional hot water bag, it is filled with the special made from neoprene for heat retention and maximum compression. It has shock proof mechanism and no leakage fibres.
    It comes with a rectangular multi-colour printed pouch/bag filled with a charging cable wire. dimension of 27cm x 18cm x 5cm. This make it easier to carry and use at any time.
    <b>Instant Pain Relieve</b>
    The pouch/ bag can be used banish multiple treatments including
    <li>Sports injuries and Muscular spasm
    <li>Joint stiffness
    <li>Lower Back Pain & Tension from Upper Back
    <li>Cramps and Sprains
    <li>Massaging body
    <b>Safe to Use</b>
    <p>The heat bag/ pouch is completely safe to use. It is filled with galvan other my energy conversion agent for quick and long-term warmth. It is leakproof and shock proof. It can be used to warm the bed for kids and infants during winters while appropriate for the old age pains.</p>


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