Marble Jade roller Face Massager Double Rollers Antiaging Face Eye Neck Foot Massage Tool Stimulating Blood Flow (Green)

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Title: <your brand> Marble Jade roller Face Massager Double Rollers Antiaging Face Eye Neck Foot Massage Tool Stimulating Blood Flow (Green)

HSN: 68159990 (GST 5/18%)

Weigh: 109 gm

Volumetric Weight : 159 gm

Package Dimension : 23*13*8

Color: Green

Amazon Category: Massage Stones

Flipkart Category: massagers | Skin Treatment 

Item Dimensions LxWxH : 14.5x4.5x2.1 cm

  • (Package Dimensions 12x8x5 cm)

Bullet Points:

  • Smooth Facial Roller & Massager has 2 rollers, large roller for face and small roller for eye area.
  • Application: Works great on neck, face, back , shoulder, leg and foot.
  • Made of high quality natural material, it is non-toxic and really benefit to skin.
  • Smooth texture will never hurt your skin for safe massage use.
  • Feel wonderful rolling over tense facial muscles.


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<p>Relax and beautify at the same time with the Himalayan Anti-aging Jade Roller. This double-edged pure Jade device was created specifically to help reduce fine line, minimize pores, and tighten the skin to give you a bright youthful glow. It also assists the lymphatic system by helping drain lymphatic fluids and toxins. It has smooth small and big rollers that were specifically designed to easily glide on all areas of the face, including hard to reach sensitive areas around the eyes, while providing a soothing effect. It's the best non-surgical and effective beauty secret of the Chinese, Indian and Aztec civilizations to a healthy and glowing skin.</p>
<b>Anti Wrinkle. Anti Age. Relaxation.</b>
<li>With Natural Jade Roller by you don't have to spend money on expensive anti-age treatments or cosmetic surgery to have invigorated and fresh skin without wrinkles.
<li>This product is exquisite in appearance, small and portable, so that you can use it anytime, anywhere.
<li>This product is suitable for commercial gifts, anniversary, birthday gifts, employee benefits and other occasions, it is very suitable for your loved ones, friends, employees and so on.


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