Heavy Duty Aluminium Manual Fruit Juicer Manual Citrus Press Juicer for Grapefruits Lemon, Orange Press Squeezer (Silver)

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Title: <your brand> Heavy Duty Aluminum Manual Fruit Juicer Manual Citrus Press Juicer for Grapefruits Lemon, Orange Press Squeezer (Silver)

HSN: 7323 (18%)

Weight:  445 gm

Volumetric Weight : 1248 gm

Package Dimension : 32*15*13

Amazon Category: Kitchen Tools 

Flipkart Category: Hand Juicers & Grinders | Hand Juicers

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 22x10x11.5 cm

Bullet Points:
  • Easy to Use - Our manual juicer uses a simple principle of leverage, Preserve the healthy and original flavor of the juice, silent juicer / intimate life.
  • Handle design: user-friendly handle design, comfortable grip, easier juicing.
  • Product Quality - The heavy duty manual juicer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, greater strength enough to support a larger force, better corrosion resistance, good for health.
  • Easy to Clean - The components of this fruit juice squeezer are removable for easy cleanup.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN -- Heavy duty alloy body and ergonomic handle. Your hands will never run out of effort when using our strong alloy handles. An easy press, you can be drinking lemonade in a just moments.


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<p>Place half of a lemon in the squeezer with the cut side facing down or facing up. If putting the lemon in with the cut side facing up, simply cut off the end of the lemon to allow juice to be squeezed out the bottom. If the cut side is facing down, squeezing the handles together inverts the lemon peel for effective extraction. Less foam than the electric squeezing machine! Side spout provides control while pouring. It's designed to be placed on a flat surface for use, which helps to ensure the stability and leverage needed for thorough juicing. Bottom feet prevent tipping or slipping around prep areas.</p>
<li>Made from high-end aluminum alloy which gives it a long life.
<li>The premium quality of lemon and lime squeezer makes sure that <li>the handle doesn't bend when squeezing lemons.
<li>Wipes clean with soft towel in a few seconds.
<li>It must be hand wash to keep it shine.


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