Unbreakable BPA Free Plastic Water Bottle for Fridge 1 Liter (Set of 3/6/9/12 pieces, Multi colour, Zig Zag Pattern)

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Title: <your brand> Unbreakable BPA Free Plastic Water Bottle for Fridge1 Liter (Set of 3/6/9/12 pieces, Multi colour, Zig Zag Pattern)

HSN: 39269099 (GST 12/18%)

Weigh: 320gm (set of 3) (Make Variation Listing)

Category: Water Bottles

Material: Polyethylene terephthalate, Plastic

Bullet Points: 
  • Safe storage: as the material used is PET, Grade 1 high-quality food grade plastic which is 100% BPA free
  • Fit for regular use: with each bottle weighing 106 gms, made of thick material tested thoroughly for the purpose
  • Firmer grip and attractive design: with a pattern of squared checks on the body
  • Easy Carry, Firm Grip, Airtight, Leakproof: Add ice cubes easily for a Cold Drink with its wide mouth Opening
  • Ease of use: ensured by smoothly opening lid and neck diameter of 3.2 cm which allows only appropriate quantity of water to come out Spill-proof water storage


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<p>Plastic Fridge Bottles are a safe and sturdy water storage solution, fit for daily use. It is a set of 3 multi-coloured bottles with the weight of 106 gm and storage capacity of 1 liter each. 100% BPA free, PET, Grade 1 high-quality food grade material renders them perfectly safe for storing the drinking water. These bottles look quite attractive with their checkered pattern that also enhances the grip. These fridge bottles are easy to use as their lids open quite smoothly. Their necks are wide enough to allow comfortable sipping of water, without letting water gushing through in excessive quantities. Snugly-fitting lids make the bottles spill-proof.</p>


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