Folding Double Supported 3 Layer Cloth Drying Stand Laundry Dryer Hanger with Breaking Wheels for Balcony Indoor and Outdoor Home, Steel (Blue)

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Title: <your brand> Folding Double Supported 3 Layer Cloth Drying Stand Laundry Dryer Hanger with Breaking Wheels for Balcony Indoor and Outdoor Home, Steel (Blue)

HSN: 72299090 (GST 18%)

Weight: 4000 gm

Volumetric Weight : 2131 gm

Package Dimension : 36*8*37

Color: Blue

Category: Drying Racks

Material: Stainless Steel and ABS Plastic

Item Dimensions: 177x76x55 cm

Bullet Points:

  • Folding Double Supported 3 Layer Cloth Drying Stand Laundry Dryer Hanger with Breaking Wheels for Balcony Indoor and Outdoor Home, Steel (Blue)
  • Selected strong material: Constructed from selected good quality white coated stainless steel (All weather proof) and Virgin PPCP Plastic (Non-Breakable) will offer you long term laundry organization system.
  • The drying rack has 6 retractable trays and 2 Side Hanger. It can be fold down and extend out to conserve space .you can either hang more clothes on or save some space which is great for a small apartment. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor using.
  • Collapsible clothing drying rack made of big diameter steel tube and premium ABS plastic, Perfect to organize your towels, skirts, shirts, blanket, children's clothing and contributes long service time.
  • 4 Rotating Casters allow the unit to be moved anywhere when loaded, letting you easily move your clothes from place to place. Double base bars can apply to dry shoes.


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Looking for effective cloth drying solution without electricity for entire family here is solution for all your worries- Our Homewares High Tensile Steel Grandis Plus 3 Layers Cloth Drying Stand with Wheels and Cloth Hangers-Orange.
<li>Grandis Plus Cloth Drying stand is made from high tensile steel, which can take load of wet clothes of entire family. Pipes are powder coated with Pure Polyester to make it rust resistance and enhance life for years.
<li>Design of this cloth drying stand is such that you can fold it and store it in bathroom, balcony or living room when not in use.
<li>Easy to move with 4 caster wheels even on full load. Castors also protects floor from scratches. These wheels are mounted inside housing, with a special bearing that created less friction while moving the rack as well as they ensure a smooth 360 degree range of motion and rotation. This makes the movement of the rack very easy without the rack chassis needing to change direction.
<li>GRANDIS PLUS cloth drying stand comes with large drying space
<li>6 Hanging Frames (3 on each side of the Rack). 4 Rails on each frame for Drying lots of clothes at once, Foldable Hanging frames Different Combinations. Example - Fold The middle frame if you need to Dry a Bedsheet on the top frame as it requires more space for hanging
<li>2 Plastic Attachments with holes. Use them to hang clothes hangers with shirts, trousers
<p>Hang your wet clothes for drying in an organised manner using the Solimo 3 Level Cloth Drying Stand with Wheels. This cloth drying stand is manufactured using rust-free stainless steel rods which are 0.35 mm thick and ABS plastic to ensure sturdiness and durability of the stand. The drying stand can hold wet clothes up to 40 kg without toppling over. The cloth drying stand consists of 3 layers, 6 shelves and 2 wing attachments for hanging your clothing with a hanger. You can assemble the rust-free foldable metallic shelves in multiple combinations as per your need. The drying stand has wheels at the bottom which allow you to move the stand from one room to another without any hassle. As the metallic rods are rust-resistant, they don’t affect or get affected by the wet clothes on the stand. Being movable and foldable makes the Solimo 3 Level Cloth Drying Stand with Wheels an apt choice for spaciously drying your clothes at home throughout the year and an ideal usage for compact spaces. You are provided with a do-it-yourself installation manual for easy assembly.
<p>Clothes Drying Stand - 2 Pole 3 Layer Make your clothes drying and organizing sessions hassle-free withThis Cloth Drying Rack. The ready-to-assemble drying rack comes with a simple do-it-yourself installation manual. This multi-functionality rack comes with three layers of storage which include six stainless steel shelves and two plastic wings to hold hangers. It has four caster wheels which make it convenient to move the drying rack and clothes anywhere. The drying rack comes in a blue colour and makes for a sturdy drying equipment which can hold a weight of up to 30 Kgs.


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